Potato is the most popular and all time useful vegetable in the world. It is botanically known as solanum tuberosum commonly known as potato and alu in hindi. Originally it is a native of South America and introduced in Europe after some time. At one time it is considered as poisonous but later on accepted as a food item and a substitute for wheat in food scarcity
It is an almost perfect food, lowering blood pressure , maintaining balance of alkalinity and acidity in the body and rich in Vit A, B, and C and potassium. 60 percent of the potassium contained in the potato lies so close to the skin that it cannot be saved if the potato is peeled 
Raw potato juice is a great rejuvenator  and is quick way to get an abundance of Vit C as well as other vitamins and minerals. Potato should be avoided if you are suffering from arthritis. Potato soup is good in cases of uric acid , kidney and stomach disorders and for replacing minerals in the system. The potassium in the potato is strongly alkaline , which makes for good liver activation and neutralizing acidity
1. Kidney stone- Small potatoes cooked in their jackets as vegetable , if eaten regularly would diminish all chances of stone formation in the kidneys
2. Fat reduction- Potatoes baked in their skin and eaten with salt reduces fat in the body
3. Antacid- A cup of raw potato juice taken daily cures acidity
4. Skin- Raw potato applied on the faces allowed to dry before washing it off, removes wrinkles, cleans the skin and makes it glow
5. Burns- Raw potato juice or slices helps to heal burns faster
6. Diarrhea- Boiled potato mashed in milk is an excellent remedy for diarrhea
7. If eaten daily potato should be cooked in combination with other vegetables otherwise they might cause constipation