Homoeopathic contraceptive pills have its own role to prevent conception. Take homoeopathic pills safely without any side effects. Every body is familiar with allopathic contraceptive pills and also familiar with the potential dangerous of contraceptive pills. Each woman reacts differently to these pills. Blood pressure , deep venous thrombosis of legs and vision could be affected due to these pills. However it is of interest to mention that recently qunine preparations were locally used as contraceptive which act as irritants and cause scarring , by mechanical means. But many cases of cancer of cervix have been reported with this method of contraception. 
Without any side effects I have prescribed the following homoeopathic treatment with success .
1. In 90 percent cases Natrum mur. 200 taken on 1, 2, 3 day after cessation of menstrual flow. These dosage must be repeated after every menses till conception is not required. 
2. Pusatilla 200 one dose daily for four days continuously before the regular date of menstruation, it will be sufficient to prevent conception.