Aloe vera , Aloe barbadensis belons to family Liliaceae. It is known as Indian aloe, and in sanskrit Kumari. Aloe is a native to the dry regions of East and South Africa, and the mediterranean basin. The ancient Greeks preparation of aloe is taken  internally as a laxative. It is cultivated thriugh out India
Spleen enlargement- The juice of aloe is mixed with curcuma longa powder alleviates spleenomegaly and scrofula
Epilepsy- Ghee cooked with aloe juice and decoction of Glycyrriza glabra and added with sugar is useful in epilepsy and palpitation of heart
Penile wart –Wrapping with the leaf of aloe destroys the wart
Dysuria- If there is dysuria during fever one should take the juice of aloe
Inflammation in penis- Cuminum cyminum pounded with aloe is applied as paste on abscess . It pacifies burning sensation and inflammation
Abscess- Aloe dococted with tila and sor gruel or alone ripens the abscess
Unripe , ripening, or ripe abscess should be coverd with steamed leaf devoid of pulp
Jaundice- Aloe juice taken as sniff removes jaundice
Mastitis- Aloe root mioxed with curcuma longa is applied as paste to relieve pain
Laxative- It increases the secretions of small intestine and promotes the peristalsis of large intestine . Since its action is slow the laxative effect is observed after 10- 12 hours .If taken in excess quantity , rational action is not observed but ill affects in the form of gripping, constipation, and sometimes bleeding is observed. In moderate quanrity , stools are observed to be soft and solid and dark colored. There is increased congestion in the anal region due to consumption of aloe . Very often it amy result in formation of piles
Cholesterol- Aloe is great for maintaining the cholesterol levels by reducing triglycerides . Include fresh aloe juice in your daily diet
Diabetes- Aloe is best for diabetic patients because it regulates blood sugar levels if taken regularly
Skin- Aloe is good for maintaining skin health. It moisturizes the skin and gets rid of dead cells along with wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps in getting rid of stretch marks
PRECAUTIONS- Long term interval use of aloe juice more than the recommended dose could cause an electrolyte imbalance or a potassium deficiency
Over dose can cause abdominal cramps
Aloe shoul not be taken in children below 12 years nor used in pregnant or nursing woman

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