Migraine is a severe headache associated with visual disterbances and nausea  and vomiting, There are two major types of migraine, migraine with an aura and migraine without an aura. An aura is a group of symptoms , mainly visual that develops before the onset of the main headache. Migraine with aura accounts for about 1 in 5 of all migraine cases. Some people experience both types of migraine at different times. It is more common in females.
1.       Damiana Q – It is the head remedy for migraine. It abort migraine. Take 20 drops tincture in water during the attack. The patient sleeps after 2 doses
2.       Glonoinum 30—Migrane from sunstroke. Give every 2 hours
3.       Iris versicolor 200- Migraine with acidity and sour vomiting.Burning in whole alimentary canal. Right temple is especially affected. Worse from rest. Give every 10 mts
4.       Sanguinaria canadensis 200- Periodical sick headache. Headache starts in the morning at the back of the head and gradually spread upwards to the right eye where it settles down. Sun headache , worse right side. Headache returns at climateric, every seventh day. Give every 10 mts
5.       Lachesis 200- Migraine left sided , Worse during and after sleep and before menstruation. Give every 10 mts – 2 doses
6.       Scutellaria Q-  Nervous sick headache, caused by excitement and over exertion . Frequent scaty urination. 10 drops every 30 mts
7.       Spigelia 1M—Pain from frontal eminence and temple extending to left eye. Pain as if a band around eye. Every 10 mts- 2 doses
8.       Chionanthus Q- Migraine due to acidity and sluggishness of liver . 10 drops every 2 hours
9.       Cyclamen 200- It should be tried when Iris fails. Migraine is accompanied with sparkling before the eyes. Give every 10 mts – 3 doses
10.   Ignatia amara 200-Migrainr due to grief in hysterical persons, Give every 10 mts- 3 doses
11.   Tongo Q- Migraine and neuralgic headache with throbbing pain in the head- 10 drops every 30 mts
12.   Phosphoric acid Q – Migraine worse from shaking or noise- 15 drpos every 10 mts
13.   Onosmodium 3X- An excellent remedy for migraine. Give every 10 mts
14.   Sulphur 200 –Migraine appear periodically- one dose in morning every week
15.   Bacillinum 1M- An intercurrent remedy. One dose every two weeks

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