Cabbage is one of the healthiest vegetables. Botanically it is known as Brassica oleracea , family cruciferae, commonly known as dalamalini in Sanskrit. It is grown almost all over the world. It is an excellent muscle builder and cleanser. They differ in shape, size and color as per the area where it is grown. 
Its cultivation is known from ancient time and originated in Europe. It is considered as an important vegetable by the Greek and Romans.  The major ares of cultivation are Northern India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South America, Africa, and Philippines. Leaves are used
It is alkaline in reaction, high in cellulose or roughage and has a low calorie content. It stabilizes chemical reactions in the body. It is excellent as a vitalizing agent and a blood purifier
Cabbage contains proteins, small amount of fat, minerals, fibre, calcium. phosphorus, iron, Vit.C, small amount of Vit B complex
1. Cancer- Cabbage is used in the treatment of colon cancer. The juice inhibits the growth of tumors and heals the inflammation of the colon and stomach
2. Constipation- It clears constipation as cabbage is full of roughage ie indigestible material  which is necessary to activate intestine for proper action of the bowels. A meal of raw cabbage is a remedy for obstinate constipation
3. It possesses valuable property of having sulphur, chlorine, and iodine content where combination of sulphur and chlorine causes a cleaning of the mucus membranes of the stomach and intestinal tract. But this only applies when cabbage or its juice is taken raw and that too without salt
4. Normal amount of cabbage or its juice naturally treats infection, ulcers and other disorders of the digestive system
5.Peptic ulcer- For stomach or duodenal ulcers drink cabbage juice for miraculous results. Raw cabbage juices accepted as ulcer healer as it contains the anti ulcer factor Vit U , This vitamin is destroyed by cooking . Take 80 to 180 juice 3 times more palatable other juice of tomato, pineapple, citrus juice may be added or it may taken as salad 4-5 times a day
6. Skin diseases- It is used in skin disorders. Cabbage leaves used in the form of compress in healing ulcers, infected sores, blisters , and skin eruptions, including psoriasis. They are also valuable in burns and carbuncles
7. Aging -It arrests premature aging. Cabbage contains several elements and factors which increase the immunity of the human body and prevents rapid aging. It also contains Vit P, and Vit C which gives strength to the blood vessels and keep  infections at bay
8. It is used in diseases of the eyes, gout, rheumatism, and pyorrhea 
Avoid excess intake of cabbage or its juice , normal use is recommended as it may cause thyroid disease called goiter if used too much

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