Allium cepa , commonly known as onion , and palandu in Sanskrit belongs the family liliaceae. Onion was originated in Iran. Once it was a popular food of Egypt . A city was named Onion by Jews that existed for 343 years . It is cultivated throughout Europe, Egypt, America, India, China, Japan, Malaysia. Its bulbs are used for medicinal purpose.
Onion contains moisture, protein,  fat, fibre, minerals, carbohydrates, calcium. phosphorus, iron, vit c, vitamin B complex.
1. Heart-- Onion is proved to be an effective preventive food for heart attack. As per research it contains essential oils, allylpropyl disulphide, catechol, proto catechuic acid, thiopropionaldeyde, thiocynate, calcium. iron, phosphorus and vitamins which keep check on heart troubles by correcting thrombosis and reducing blood cholesterol . For this one should take 100 g of onion per day
2. Cough- Onion possess expectorant properties . It dissolves phlegm and prevents its formation. A juice mixture of onion , honey, adrak in the ratio 2: 2: 1 keeps one free from cold and cough
3. Hiccough and asthma - Onion should be mixed with woman's milk and put in to nostrils.
4. Bleeding piles- Onion is a good remedy for bleeding piles. Cooked onion soured with badara should be taken with buttermilk to check the bleeding. Similarly acts the soup of lentils soured with butter milk. 
5. Toothache--Onion is a good remedy for toothache . Chewing raw onion for 30 mts is sufficient to kill the gem in the mouth. Toothache is relieved by keeping a piece of onion on the affected tooth or gum
6. Aphrodisiac-- Onion is a powerful aphrodisiac . It increases libido and strengthen the reproductive organs. Onion juice 2 teaspoons , honey two teaspoons and adrak one teaspoon mixed together and taken 3 times a day
7. Skin-Onion is used in skin diseases , and stimulate the circulation of blood in the mucous membrane. Warts are dissolved by rubbing with onion pieces. Roasted onion is used from ancient time for bruises and wounds. It is also used in form of poultices in slight dislocation of joints
8. Onion juice when dropped in ear stops ringing sound in the ears. Dropped hot in the ear it relieves earache 
9. Cholera- A paste of 30 g of onions and seven black pepper  and sugar to taste given in cholera. It immediately controls restlessness, thirst, and vomiting
10. Urinary troubles- For burning sensation in urine , 6 g of onion boiled in half litre of water which is reduced to further half quantity on fire . It is then cooled and given to the patient. Onion rubbed in water and mixed with sugar to taste useful in urine retention 
11. Hair growth-Onion when rubbed in to the skin it encourages hair growth.
12. Skin- It gets ride of freckles and soothes the pain of insect stings when applied to the skin. When applied to the skin it repels mosquitoes and it aids dissolving scar formation on wounds 
HOMOEOPATHY - It is a valuable remedy in homoeopathic system of medicine mainly for respiratory diseases 

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