Picrorhiza , botanically known as Picrorhiza kurroa Royle ex Benth , belongs to family scrophulariceae. It is commonly known as hellebore, and kutki in sanskrit. Grows in the Himalayas from Kashmir to Sikkim at the height of 2 to 4 thousand meters. Rhizome is used

1. Heart disease - In heart disease one should take paste of picrorhiza and madhuka with sugar water
2. Anemia- Picrorhiza 10 gm with sugar, juice of dronapushpi applied as collyrium and snuffing with powder of devadali- each one of these alleviates anemia
3. Stomach disorders - It should be given with a cup of warm water 3-4 times daily. It stimulate the bile to produce more bile , the secretion of which relieves congestion of the liver and the tissues which start functioning again. 

4. Jaundice-It is beneficial for the treatment of jaundice. 1-2 teaspoon of the powder mixed with turpeth powder should be administered with hot water twice daily
5. Ascites- A disease characterizes by the accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity of the abdomen. The herb should be boiled in water and this decoction , if taken by the patient for 21 days regularly with fresh decoction each day can induce 4-5 motions on an average
6. Dyspepsia- It is useful in the treatment of dyspepsia. It strengthens the stomach and promotes its action. It also improves appetite and stimulates the secretion of gastric juice
7. Constipation- It induces active movement of the bowels and serve as a mild purgative
8. Fever- a. Picrorhiza finely powdered and mixed with sugar alleviates fever
b. If one takes picrorhiza 10 gm mixed with sugar along with warm water, he overcomes fever
c. Picrorhiza is powdered and then heated on an earthen piece. The juice expressed therefrom and mixed with ghee alleviates fever and burning sensation
d. Oil cooked with powder of picrorhiza or leaves of guduci or juice of sahadevi alleviates fever
9. Hiccough- In hiccough the following four formulations mixed with honey and useful. 1 . fruit and flower of patala. 2. red ochre and katuka 3. kernel of kharjura and pippali 4. kasisa and kapittha
10. Cirrhosis of liver- It is effective for the cirrhosis of liver . It root is given in powdered form. A teaspoon of the powder mixed with an equal amount of honey is administered 3 times daily  

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