Ispaghula, botanically known as plantago ovata belons to family plantaginaceae. It is also known as Ishabgul and spogel seeds. It is a native to Western Asia  and India. It has been extensively used in the Indian system of medicine fro the ancient times. It was prescribed by the ancient physicians as a cure for inflammatory and functional derangement of the mucous membranes of the gastro intestinal and geniito urinary system.
The seeds contain a large amount of mucilage and a small amount of holoside planteose. The ispaghula embryo oil has been a good source of linoleic acid . The seeds are cooling and midly laxative . They act as a diuretic and also have a soothing effect on the skin and mucous membrane . Seeds and its outer coatings are used for medicinal preparations
Constipation- Ispaghula is used beneficially in costipation. The seeds should be soaked in water before use, which makes them disintegrate in the alimentary canal . The large amount of mucilage in the seeds binds and increases the mass of the stool. The seeds are particularly useful in chronic constipation characterised by spasms
Peptic ulcer- Ispaghula are useful in treating frequent griping in the belly caused by stomach ulcers. The seeds with husk are soaked in water or milk for a few hours . The liquid is strained  and can be taken at night . The high mucilaginous content in the herb form a covering inside mucosa and helps in the healing of ulcers. Irritation and gripe will also decrease
Dysentery  and diarrhea – Ispaghula seeds are very effective for chronic dysentery and diarrhea. In such cases the seeds can be taken either as a decoction or infusion  of powder with sugar
Piles- Ispaghula seeds are one of the most effective remedies for piles. While the high mucilage content in the herb cures costipation the rich tannin content cures inflammation and ulceration in the intestinal tract up to the anus
Rheumatic pain and gout- An emollient poultice made of the seeds with vinegar and oil is useful for inflammation and gout
Gonorrhea- Ispaghula is very effective in the treatment of gonorrhea because of its diuretic and soothing properties
Arteriosclerosis- The embryo oil of the seeds contain linoleic acid, which can prevent arteriosclerosis 
Cholesterol and blood sugar- It has been suggested that ispaghula mucilage may reduce both cholesterol and blood sugar levels

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