Piles are  swollen  blood vessels in or around the anus and rectum. The haemorrhoidal veins are located in the lowest part of the rectum and the anus. Sometimes they swell so that the vein walls become stretched, thin, and irritated by passing  bowel  movements

Aesculus hipp. 3x-  Blind or bleeding piles of purplish color. Much uneasiness in the parts. Pain in the back. Constipation with hard dry stool. Prolapse of rectum. Bleeding gives relief. Give every 4 hours
Aloes 3x- Bleding piles protrude like bunch of grapes. Blood passes like water from the hydrant. Heat , rawness and soreness of the part. Better by cold application. Violent burning and itching of the anus, constantly putting finger in the anus. Loose stool or constipation. Prolapse of rectum. A feeling of insecuruty of bowels . Give every 4 hours
Apis mel. 3x- Piles with sharp stinging pain. Better by cold application.  Give every 4 hours
Causticum 30- Extremely painful piles, when touched, when walking, standing, or sitting, better after a stool. Itching , stitching , moist, stinging and burning piles. Worse when thinking of them, by touch, when exerting voice. Give every 4 hours
Collinsonia 1x- Piles with backache and obstinate constipation. Piles bleeding or blind and protruding. Bleeding omly from great pressure. Alternate constipation and diarrhea. Give every 4 hours
Millifolium Q- Bleeding piles, bright red blood. 5 drops tincture three times daily
Mucuna Q- A specific remedy for bleeding piles . Give one drop tincture 4 times daily
Mimisa pudica Q- A specific remedy for piles. Give 10 drops tincture daily
Nux vomica 30-Head remedy for bleeding or non bleeding piles. Piles due to sedentary life. Constipation, frequent ineffectual urging to stool. Itching and stitching in rectum. Pressing pain after passing alcoholic drinks, after mental exertion or eating. Give every 4 hours
Ratanhia 6- Fissures of anus with great constriction, burning like a fire. Constriction or as if sharp splinters of broken glasses in rectum. Dry heat in anus with sudden knife like stitches. Give every 4 hours
Sulphur 1M- Bleeding or blind piles. Sinking in stomach , especially in the afternoon. Itching and burning in the anus. Irritable skin , worse at night, on getting warm in bed and from washing

1.      A dose of Sulphur in the morning, adose of Nux vom at bed time  and a dose of Aesculus at noon will cure piles blind or bleeding ina short time

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