Cumin or jeera is one of the common spices, but it has got wonderful medicinal properties. It is botanically known as Cuminum cyminum L, belongs to family Umbelliferae. It is found through out India.
The fruits are used for medicinal purposes.
Diabetes- It is very effective for lowering blood sugar levels. Take half teaspoon of crushed jeera with water twice daily
Heaviness in stomach, Indigestion- Mix  ¼ teaspoon each powdered jeera, and black peper in a glass of buttermilk . Drink it 2-3 times a day for 2-3 days
Gas, nausea- Mix equal quantities of jeera, black peper and ginger. Make an infusion by boiling it with some water. Drink twice a day for  a few days
Vomiting- Sauvarcala, jeera, sugar and marica- this linctus with honey is an excellent anti- emetic
Acid gastritis- Ghee 640 gm, should be cooked with paste of jeeraka and dhanytaka. It improves digestion and checks vomiting
Constipation- Add equal quantities of jeera , black peper, dried ginger and dried curry leaves and powdered them togther. Add a little salt to taste. Add this mixture to hot ghee and eat with steamed rice
Fatigue- Mix ½ teaspoon jeera , coriander seeds, black peper and tuvar dal. Boil in water and drink with salt to taste
Insomnia- Mix one teaspoon powder of roasted jeera with a mashed ripe banana . Eat after dinner regularly
Fever- The patient should take jeera with jaggery or honey followed by intake of buttermilk . Thereafter he should sit in the sun until he prespires
Malaria with rigor- The patient should take jeera with jaggery or guduci juice with jaggery or juice of varttaka mixed with honey
Jeera combine with jaggery alleviates irregular fever. It also improves digestion
Heart- It is a stimulant and blood purifier. Useful in cardiac and blood disorder
Renal calculi- It is a diuretic. Cumin seeds along with sugar is given in renal colic. Juice made in water is also useful
Reproductive organs- It alleviates the inflammation of uterus. It is also galactogogue, increase milk secretion , and aphrodisiac. It is used in leucorrhea. Jaggery and cumin seed powder is used as a galactogogue. Jeera is used for post partem women as it is galactogogue, improves lactation and gives strength
Scorpion sting- Paste of jeera mixed with ghee and rocksalt applied warm removes pain of scorpion sting

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