Constipation means that a person has three or fewer bowel movements in a week. The stool can be hard and dry. Sometimes it is painful to pass At one time or another, almost every one gets constipated. In most cases , it lasts a short time and is not serious  
There are many things you can do to prevent constipation. They include- Eating more fruits, vegetables and grains, which are high in fibre . Drinking plenty of water and other liquids. Getting enough exercise. Taking time to have a bowel movement when you need to. Using laxatives only if your doctor says you should. Asking your doctor if medicines you take may cause constipation
 Alumina 6- Constipation in infants, old people and women with sedentary habits. Dilated and paralysed rectum. No desire for stool. Great straining. Lumpy stools. Give every 4 hours
Bryonia alb 30- Torpor in bowels. Stool hard , dry, and large. There is no inclination to pass stools. Give every 4 hours
Cascara sagrada Q- Specific remedy for constipation. A tonic for proper bowel movements. Give 15 drops tincture  4 times daily
Coca Q- Chronic constipation due to inactivity of rectum. Flatus from bowels smells like burnt gun powder, Distension of abdomen. Tincture 10 drops in luke warm water 3 times daily
Hydrastis can. Q- Costipation during pregnancy and after abuse of purgatives. Sinking feeling in stomach. Constipation alternately with looseness of the bowels. Constipation with dull headache  with foul tongue and with piles. Give tincture 15 drops 3 times daily
Nux vomica 30- Constipation in sedentary people . Ineffectual urging and frequen desire for stool. Give every 4 hours
Opium 30- Constipation due to inactivity of the intestines. Stool small hard round like black balls. Constipation with drowsiness . Give every 4 hours
Silicea 30- Costipation before and during menses. Stool come down with difficulty and when partially expelled receds again. Give every 4 hours
Sulphur 30- Give after Nux vomica. Sinking feeling at the pit of the stomach , especially about 11 am. Persons who are subject to skin eruptions. Stools hars, knotty, dry as if burnt. Stool large and oainful
Sensation as if something remained behind the rectum. Piles which bled periodically.  Give 3 times daily
Alumen 30- Constipation of uterine and rectal cancers. Stool hard as stones passes with much blood. Give every 4 hours
Graphites 200- Constipation associated with delayed menses. Large, knotty stools coverd with white shreds of mucus. Stools expelled with much effort.  Give 3 times daily
Plumbum met. 30- Constipation of travellors who are constantly changing food and water. Give every 4 hours
Sanicula 30-Stool large and hard, impossible to evacuate . After great straining it is partially expelled and a portion receds, which must be removed mechanically. Stool several inches large not requiring much effort to evacuate. Give every 4 hours
Senna 30-Constipation with colic and flatulence. Give every 4 hours

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