Anal fistula, a serious problem caused by a series of infection around the anus . An abscess , bacterial infections or cancer damages the tissue between the rectum and skin allowing a false tube, fistula, to form between the rectum  inside the anus , and the skin inside the anus . Liquid faces leaks through the fistula in to the skin which becomes inflamed and painful

Tuberculinum- 1000- Start treatment with this remedy. Give one dose every 2 weeks
Belladonna 30- Initial stage of pus formation. Throbbing pain and redness of anus. Give every 2 hours
Hepar sulph 30- When the first stage is over. Intense pain and the abscess turn in to pus, Give every 4 hours
Siliceae 1000- Ulerative stage starts. Passage connects in to sinus. Fetid watery discharge from the fistula. Give one dose
Myristica seb. Q-  A specific remedy for fistula. Give tincture 10 drops 4 times daily
Lachesis 30- Head remedy for fistula. Pain in fistula as if beaten with hammers. Give every 4 hours
Nitric acid 1000- Soreness and burning pain in rectum. Thin greenish discharge from the fistula. Give one dose every week
Flouric acid 30- Fistula accompanied with lachrymal or dental discharge- Give every 4 hours
Hydrastic can. 3x- Fistula in anus with obstinate constipation. Burning and smarting in rectum. Hemorrhoids . Give every 4 hours
Paeonia Q- Fistula in anus. Fissures and ulceration of the anus covered with crusts. Burning, biting, and itching in anus. Give tincture 10 drops 4 times daily
Bacillinum 1000- Intercurrent remedy. Tubercular patients who are susceptible to cold. Give one dose every 2 weeks
Sulphur 1000- Intercurrent remedy. Blind fistula. Yellowish greenish painless discharge- Give one dose every 2 weeks