Cinnamon or Dalchini, botanically known as Cinnamomum zelanicum , belongs to family Lauraceae. It has been cultivated from the ancient times. The oldest record available about  the description of cinnamon is in the Torah, the Jewish religious text. It appears to have reached Europe and Egypt by the 5th century BC. The chinese and Romans knew about the medicinal value of cinnamon . Indians also knew about the therapeutic uses  before the 8 th century. The tree of cinnamon occurs in South India
The bark is used.Cinnamon oil is used  mostly as flavouring in medicine. The bark of the stem and the oil obtained from it are useful as antiseptic , astringents, and carminatives . The oil obtained from the leaves is used as a flavouring agent and for local application on certain rheumatic pains. It is commonly used as a condiment . It cures gsatric debility and flatulence, and also has the property of destroying  certain germs and fungi

Diarrhea- Combine one teaspoon each powdered ginger, cumin, and cinnamon with honey and make in to a thick paste. Take one teaspoon thrice daily
Bad breath- Boil one teaspoon cinnamon in one tea cup water. Cool. Use frequently as a mouth wash
Loss of taste sensitivity in the tongue- Rub on the tongue a mixture of finely powdered cinnamon and honey and allowe it to remain for sometime
Headache caused by exposure to cold air- Mix one teaspoon  finely powdered cinnamon in one teaspoon water and apply on the affected part
Cough- Prepare a tea with half teaspoon ginger, ¼ teaspoon cinnamon and one clove per cup of water. Sweeten with one teaspoon  honey and drink
Acne, blackheads and pimples- Mix finely powdered cinnamon powder in one teaspoon  lime juice  in and apply on affected areas frequently
To improve complexion- Add a pinch of cinnamon to half teaspoon honey and apply on the face . Let it dry  and then wash it with water
To improve memory- Take a mixture of one teaspoon  honey and a pinch of finely powdered cinnamon  every night regularly
Sleeplessness- Boil half teaspoon  cinnamon in one tea cup water for 5 mts, strain and sweeten with honey. Take at bed time
Urinary disorders- Cinnmon leaves are used in the form of powder or decoction . Both are stimulant and useful in relieving flatulence and in increasing secretion  and discharge of urine
Birth control- Cinnamon can be used  for birth control. It has the remarkable effect  of checking the early release of ova after  child birth. It indirectly helps the secretion of breast milk

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