ALFALFA Q—Sleeps better in the morning. It induces  a quite , peaceful and refreshing sleep
AVENA SATIVA Q—Sleeplessness in alcoholics and those with morphine habits
COFFEA CRUDA 30—Insomnia after happy news , pleasant surprises and overwork. The problem of the day  seem to go round and round in the mind.It can happen even with bad news. Cannot sleep during the early  hours of night. Insomnia  during pregnancy and after childbirth
KALIUM PHOS  200- An excellent remedy for insomnia. The patient is weak nervously. Sleeplessness due to business worries and due to mental disturbances
NUX VOMICA  30—Sleeplessness due to overexcitement , exhaustion and stress. He is very irritable. Falls asleep but wakes up between 2 to 4 am, remains awake for a few hours and then again falls asleep till the usual time of getting up. Criticises others. Sleeplessness due to alcohol, drug habits , abuse or coffee
OPIUM 200- Sleeplessness and restlessness during the time of sleeping but is sound asleep when it is time to get up. Feels chiily when uncovered and hot when covered
PISIDIA  Q—Insomnia due to worry , nervous excitement , dysmenorrheal, cough and pain
 PASSIFLORA INCARNATA  Q Sleeplessness due to insanity and worriesGive 15 drops a dose after 30 minutes at bed time till asleep. It produces a normal sleep