Atherosclerosis is a condition in which fatty material is deposited along the walls of arteries. This fatty material thickens , hardens, and may eventually block the arteries. In this condition the arteries becoming narrowed, This condition can affect arteries in any area of the body and is a major cause of stroke, heart attack, and poor circulation in the legs. The main causes are –high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, smoking habit, family history of heart disease, diet rich in fats, poor physical exercise. The main symptoms are – atherosclerosis often shows no symptoms until flow within a blood vessel has become seriously compressed. Chest pain when coronary artery is involved, or leg pain when leg artery is involved. Atherosclerosis is more common in males until age 60, then equal incidence
Homeopathy has great scope in the treatment of atherosclerosis.It can arrest the progress of the disease and prevent untoward happenings like heart attack,paralysis ,reduced blood supply to extremities which is known as claudication and death.
Arnica Montana  30—More suited old people. Cerebral arteriosclerosis. Vertigo of the aged. Tendency to haemorrhages
Arsenicum iodide 3x—Specific for all heart diseases. Slow pulse with palpitation of heart. Breathlessness , cannot go upstairs. Deficiency of mitral valves. Mitral construction with anginous pain
Arsenicum iodide should be given along with other indicated medicines in all heart diseases
Aurum mur. 30 – Hypertrophy of heart. Congestion in the chest and head. Strong palpitation
Baryta mur. 6x—Large blood vessels and aorta are involved. Severe headache , worse at rest or lying down
Convallaria majalis 3—Arteriosclerosis of tobacco smokers. Sensation as if heart ceased beating suddenly and then straining very suddenly. Pulse extremely rapid and irregular. Feeling as if heart beats through the chest
Crataegus Q—Specific remedy for arteriosclerosis It has got wonderful solvent powers upon calcareous and crustaceous deposits in the lumen and arteries
Plumbum  metllicum 200—Hypertension with arteriosclerosis. With chronic nephritis
Secale cor 6x—In the beginning of arteriosclerosis. Boring pain oin the chest. Dysponea and oppression  with cramps in the diaphragm . Palpitation and intermittent pulse
Spigelia 30—An excellent remedy for arteriosclerosis. Pain in heart , dizziness, noises in head, excessive nervousness. Sparks before the eyes. Choking sensation in throat. Sleeplessness
Strophanthus hisp Q—Irritable heart in tobacco smokers. Arteriosclerosis of old people Heart’s action weak, rapid, irregular due to muscular debility. Cardiac pain. Tendency to dropsical accumulation. Pulse quick