The 50 millesimal scale was introduced by Dr, Hahnemann  in the 6th edition of organon of medicine in aphorism 270. This name was given by Dr. Pierre Schmidt of Geneva. Potencies prepared under this method are named by Dr. Schmidt as fifty millesimal potencies as the material part of the medicine is said to be decreased by 50000 times for each degree of dynamization. Hahnemann himself termed this new method as , renewed dynamization
In India and Bangladesh , the potency prepared by this scale is designated as 0/1, 0/2, 0/3 , o/4 and M/1, M/2, M/3, M/4 ETC. In the west it is designated as 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 etc.
It is also known as Q potency . Some authors have suggested LM/1, LM/2, LM/3, ETC Where L stands for 50 and M for millesimal. The numerator 0 representing symbolically the poppy sized globule employed in each dynamization
PREPARATION – All materials whether dry or oily are triturated with sugar of milk up to the 3rd centesimal scale ie , one grain of medicine with 100,00,00 grains of milk sugar for three hours, in the usual manner of trituration. The final drug strength being 1/ 100,00,00
One grain of this powder is dissolved in 500 drops of a mixture of one part of alcohol and four parts of distilled water. Thus the dry trituration is converted in to liquid form . The drug strength here will be 1/5x 100,00,00,00. This is the mother tincture of 50- millesimal scale
POTENTIZATION- One drop of this mother tincture is put in a suitable vial of neutral glass, and 100 drops of pure alcohol are added, so that the vial is filled two thirds full. With this, on hundred strong successions are given with the hand against a hard but elastic body. This is prepared the medicine in the first degree of dynamization or the first potency. Small globules are moistened with this solution and dried quickly by spreading them on a piece of blotting paper. They are then kept in a well corked glass phial with the sign of 1 degree of potency. It is found that 500 globules poppy seed size – or 100 weighing one grain hardly absorb one drop of alcohol for their saturation
Only one globule of the medicine thus prepared and put in a second new glass phial and one drop of distilled water is added to dissolve it. To this 100 drops of  pure alcohol 95 % is added and the solution is given 100 powerful successions. With this alcoholic medicinal fluid globules are again moistened , spread upon blotting paper and dried quickly. These are put in to well corked phial with the sign 11 of the second and kept protected from heat and sunlight. In this way the process is continued up to 30th potency and each potency will contain 1/500x100=1/50,000 part, drug strength of the previous potency
REPETITION – One globule  of the medicine prepared according to the 50 ML  scale is dissolved in 7-8 tablespoonfuls of water and thoroughly successes 8, 10, or 12, in a phial. From this one tablespoonful is taken and put in a glass of water, containing about 7-8 spoonfuls, stirred thoroughly and a convenient dose is given to the patient
If the patient is unusually excited and sensitive,  a teaspoonful of the above solution may be put in a second glass of water and after stirring thoroughly , teaspoonful doses or more can be given. There are patients of so great sensitiveness that a third or fourth glass, similarly prepared , may be necessary. Each such prepared glass must be fresh daily

PLUSSING METHOD – Plussing means , after dissolving the already prepared dose, in a third glass of water two spoonfuls are taken and the rest thrown away. Then water is added up to the original quantity and again stirring and successions are done. From this again two spoonfuls are taken and the rest is thrown away and the process is repeated. From the 2 spoonfuls, one is given to the patient and the other is kept for further plussing

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