If something has ill effects, it causes problems or damage. Many conditions like grief , bad news, disappointment love, injury, sun rays , inoculation, etc affects the health condition. There are so many homoeopathic drugs correcting for these ill effect conditions


ABROTANUM 30- Ill effects of suppressed diseases, specially gout
ACETIC ACID 30- Ill effects of acid thrown on the face and of inhaling carbon monoxide gas
AMMONIUM CARB 30- Ill effects  of inhaling charcoal fumes
ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 30- Ill effects of swimming , falling in to river and very cold bathing
ANTHRACINUM Q- Ill effects of inhaling foul odors
ARNICA MONTANA  1M- Ill effects of realization of financial losses. Grief or morose. Ill effects of over exertion
ARSENICUM ALBUM 30- Bad effects of eating ice cream or decayed food. Ill effects of excessive alcoholism
BELLADONNA 30- Ill effects of cold weather and hair cut
BELLIS PRENNIS 30- Ill effects of cold winds, complaints due to cold wind or cold drinks when the body is heated. Ill effects of masturbation
BRYONIA ALBA 200- Ill effects of inoculation for typhoid fever
CALCAREA CARB. 30- Ill effects of working in water
CAMPHORA 30- Ill effects of shock
CARBO VEG 30-, KALI CARB 30- Ill effects of drinking too cold or icy water or soft drinks
CARCINOSINUM 200- It is worthy of consideration in cases of ill effects of severe fright, prolonged fear of  unhappiness
CAUSTICUM 30-Ailments from long lasting grief and sudden happiness or grief. Thinking of complaints aggravates. Emaciation dure to worry etc. Ill effects from burns like pain  etc
CHAMOMILLA 30- Bad effects of inhaling chloroform . It cures nausea and vomiting
CHEIRANTHUS C. 30- Ill  effects like deafness , otorrhea, nose stopped up at night due to irritation ofv cutting wisdom tooth
CHININUM ARS 30- Eating egg causes diarrhea
COCA Q- Ill effects of mountaineering such as palpitation , breathlessness and insomnia
COCCULUS IND. 30- Ill effects of night watching , loss of sleep or over work
COFFEA CRUDA 30- Ill effects of sudden emotions , surprises, sudden bad news or sudden joy
COLCHICUM AUT. 30- Ill effects of suppressed sweat , night watching  and hard studies
COLOCYNTHIS 30- Colic or other complaints arising as a result of anger
CONIUM MAC 30- Ill effects of suppressed sexual desire
DULCAMARA 30- Ill effects of taking a very cold bath
FERRUM PHOS 6X- Ill effects from heat of sun and sun stroke
GELSEMIUM 30- Bad effects from fright , fear and exciting news
GUN POWDER 3X- Bad effects from extraction of an abscessed tooth. Ill effects of taking bad food or drinking bad water
HELLEBORUS NIGER 30- Ill effects of head injury
HELONIAS 30- Patient is worn out due to hard work. He feels tired and sleepless, his muscles ache. He feels better when he is busy and engaged
HEPAR SUPHURIS 30- Ill effects of dry cold winds
IGNATIA AMARA 30-Ill effects of grief and worry make her sad , sighing and sobbing. It is a remedy for sudden shocks, griefs and disappointments, which amy lead to semi- unconsciousness
KALI HYO  PHOS – 30- Ill effects of excessive tea drinking
KLI PHOS 6x – 200-- Ill effects of worry like mental and physical depression , over work, excitement are wounderfully removed by this remedy. For insomnia use 200- potency and for other effects use 6x potency
MAGNESIUM MUR 30-Ill effects of sea bathing
MALANDRINUM 200, SILICEA 200- THUJA OCC 200- Ill effects of vaccination
MERCURIUM CYAN 200- Ill effects of of inoculation for diphtheria
NATRUM SULPH 30- Ill effects of head injury and mental troubles, there from
NATRUM CARB. 30- Ill effects of drinking cold water when overheated
NATRUM MUR 30- Ill effects of grief, fright, anger, quinine ertc which are of long standing. It is an excellent remedy  for the ill effects of sun strokes. Give alternately with Ferrum phos every half hourly
OPIUM  200- Ill effects from fright and fear of long standing are antidote by this remedy
PHOSPHORUS 30- Ill effects following the iodine and excessive use of satl
PHOSPHORIC ACID 30-Ill effects of excessive  loss of semen or blood , grief , mental shock and eating sour food or drinks
PHOSPHORUS 30, STRONTIUM CARB 30- Ill effects following the explosion of an atom bomb
PHYTOLACCA DEC 30- Ill effects of getting wet in rain , exposure to damp and cold weather are removed by the use of this remedy
PULSATILLA N. 200- Ill effects of inoculation for whooping cough
PYROGENINUM 200- Bad effects of miscarriage or poisoning by sewer gas
RHUS TOX 30- Ill effects of getting wet, when perspiring
RHUS TOX 30, FORMICA RUFA 30, MILLIFOLIUM 30 – Ill effects of over lifting  or fall from heights
SELENIUM MET 30- Antidotes the bad effects of X rays and radiations
STAPHYSAGRIA 30- Ill effects of insults and anger
STRAMONIUM 30- Ill effects of suppressed eruptions like scarlatina
THLASPI BURSA 6- Ill effects of suppressed uterine diseases
TRIBULUS TER. Q – It corrects the ill effects of masturbation like spermatorrhea, partial impotence and too early an ejaculation in coitus
TUBERCULINUM 200- Ill effects of hair dyes

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