Itch  is a sensation  that causes the desire or reflex  to scratch. Itch has resisted many attempts to classify it as any one type of sensory experience. Modern science has shown that itch has many similarities to pain , and while both are unpleasant sensory experiences, their behavioral response patterns are different. Pain creates a withdrawal reflex, while itch leads to a scratch reflex
AGARICUS MUS. 30- Itching without eruptions, changing places sometimes here and sometimes there
ALOE SOC. 30- Great burning and itching in the anus and around it. The patient bores his finger in the anus and rotates it to calm the itching. Such people are inclined towards anal intercourse
AMBRA GRISEAS 30- Graet itching in the female organs and labia, during menses. Itching is so great that sometimes virgin girls hace to bore their fingers inside the vagina  and thus they rupture the vagina
ANAGALLIS 30- Itching and tingling everywhere. Itching of the palms. Skin is dry with bran like eruptions specially on hands, fingers and palms
ANTIMONIUM CRUD. 30-Measle  like eruptions. Skin dry and burns. Itching is worse at night in bed
ARUM TRIPH 30- There is constant picking at nose. It is so much that the patient may scratch it till it bleeding
BELLADONNA 30- Itching with eruptions like scarlatina. Burning and redness of the skin
CROTON TIG 30- Itching around eyes, genitals, penis and scrotum
DOLICHOS 6- Itching without eruptions . Diabetic  itching. Itching is worse on the hairy parts, across the shoulders and about the elbows and knees
GELSEMIUM 30- Itching. Measle  like eruptions. Skin is hot and dry
GRANATUM 30- Itching of palms
HEPAR SULPHURIS 30- MERCURIUS SOL 30- Pimple like eruptions on the skin, itching violently . Scratching causes ulcers
HYDRASTIS CAN . 30- Eczema with eruptions like small pox, discharging a yellow fluid on scratching
JUGULANS REG. 30- Itchy small red pustules. Itching more violent at night
KALI ARS 30 - Intolerable itching, worse while undressing . Dry scaly acne. Itching worse from warmth, walking and undressing
MEDORRHINUM 200- Intense and constant itching, worse at night and when thinking of it
MERCURIUS SOL 30- Itching worse from warmth of the bed at night. Vesicular and pustular eruptions. Skin is always moist
NATRUM SULPH. 30- Itching while undressing. Wart like red lumps all over the body
PETROLEUM 30- Itching worse in winter. Itching at night. Skin dry. Slightest scratch makes the skin suppurate. Burning
PSORINUM 200- Skin has a dirty and clingy look. Intolerable itching . Itch , worse on the scalp, bends of joints and by the warmth of the bed. Skin is oily. Itching returns every winter. Scratches until the skin bleeds. Itching between fingers
 RANUNCULUS BULBOSUS 30- Burning and itching vesicles of a bluish colr. Barber’s itch
RHUS TOX 30- Red, swollen skin with intense itching. Burning . Barber’s itch. Urticaria like eruptions
RUMEX CRIS. 30- Intense itching of the skin specially of the lower extremities, worse on exposure to cold air and when undressing
SELENIUM MET 30- Itching of the palms. Dry scaly eruptions . Itching about the ankles and in the folds of the skin, between the fingers. Skin oily . Itching of the ear
SULPHUR 200- Itching causes burning. Skinn is dry and unhealthy. Itching worse from washing . Itching worse in the folds of skin , from warmth of bed, in the evening and it often recurs at spring time and in damp weather. Pruritis
SULPHURICUM IOD. 3X-Obstinate skin affections, barber’s itch and acne. Itching in the ears, nose and urethra. Papular eruptions on the face
SULPHURIC ACID 30- Very useful in removing the tendency to terrible itching
SYPHILINUM 200- Itching , worse at night. Hot bath relieves
THUJA OCC. 200- Itching and eruptions on the covered parts only. Worse after scratching and very sensitive to touch

THYROIDINUM 30- Skin dry. Itching without eruptions , worse at night

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