Medicinal name- Lycopersicum esculentum
Botanical name- Lycopersicum  esculentum Mill
Family – Solanaceae
Common name – Tomato
Distribution- Cultivated throughout India
Description- Decumbent to semi erect and erect . Decumbent forms have a short branches which attain a length  up to 0.75 m and about 2.5 cm diameter at the base. Large erect types up to 2m in length , the main stem very thic, branching usually sympodial but is monopodial at the base of the plant . Leaves usually alternate , pinnate, the number of larger leaflets ranging from 7 to 9 rarely 11 and between adjacent pairs of these , a variable number of smaller ones occur, the margins of the leaflets variously incised , petioles 3 cm in length. Inflorescence usually two ranked raceme of branched racemose – cyme , with 4 to 12 or more flowers, Flowers pendent, perfect hypogynous and regular, cultivated varieties with 5 to 10 corolla lobes , corolla rotate , tubular with 5 or more greenish yellow lobes. Stamens 5, filaments short, anthers united laterally to form a hollow cone, around the pistil.Pistil bicarpellary to polycarpellary , style elongated and stigma smooth. Fruit a berry , re globose, pyriform or depressed lobes
Part used – Whole plant
CORYZA – Nose- stopped catarrh. Profuse watery coryza excoriating ale, drops down posterior sinuses, salty taste, markedly worse out of doors
HEADACHE- Headache begins in the occiput spreads all over the head  and settles with great vilolence in temples, worse tobacco smokeIntense, throbbing, bursting headache. Bursting pain in head , especially vertex and when coughing
EYE DISORDERS- Dull , heavy ache in eyes. Sore and burn , intense itching. Lids feel heavy and swollen .Pupils minutely contracted Letters run together when reading  Eyes water on close work Twitching in  left inner canthus
SORE THROAT- The throat slightly sore on swallowing. Mucous membrane of  pharynx pale, tip of uvula and arches of pharynx red and inflamed. Burning raw feeling right side of throat, changing to left. Swelling of left tonsil
DELTOID RHEUMATISM- Sharp pain in  right deltoid and pectoral muscles, worse lifting arm upward and outward
BACKACHE – Rheumatic pain near attachment of trapezius muscle to spine. Heavy dragging in right scapula. Intense aching through whole back, lumbar region. Backache in lumbar region making them gloomy and depressed. Cannot get in to a comfortable position
DIARRHEA- Brownish watery diarrhea. Stool brownish, frothy, no urging, painless
LEUCORRHEA- Profuse leucorrheal discharge
DIABETES- Thirst fo large quantities of water

RHEUMATISM- Lamness of left wrist, hand and fingers, where it is painful even when not moving it Painful stitching behind articulation of left hip. Intense aching pain in loer limbs. Sharp stitching pain along the course of right crural nerve

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