Spermatorrhea is a condition of excessive, involuntary ejaculation. It is a recognized disorder in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which certain patterns of involuntary ejaculation reflect problems with kidney
In Ayurvedic Medicine, Ashwagandha and Bala are used to treat this vata ailment
In the 18th and 19th centuries, if a patient had ejaculations outside of marital intercourse, or released more semen than is typical, then he was diagnosed with a disease called spermatorrhea or "seminal weakness". A variety of drugs and other treatments, including circumcision and castration, were advised as treatment. Some alternative practitioners, especially herb healers, continue to diagnose and advise treatments for cases of spermatorrhea.
In Western medicine during the nineteenth century, spermatorrhea was regarded as a medical disorder with corrupting and devastating effects on the mind and bodyThe cure for spermatorrhea was regarded as enforced chastity and avoidance of masturbation, with circumcision sometimes being used as a treatment.
According to Western medicine, ejaculation is a widely accepted practice and some even see it as a normal part of daily life, and incapable of causing ill effects, other than temporary tiredness and reduction of sexual desire in the individual concerned. In contrast, Traditional Chinese Medicine counts the production of semen as one of the biggest strains on jing (kidney essence
Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach. This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat Spermatorrhea but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility. As far as therapeutic medication is concerned, several remedies are available to treat Spermatorrhea that can be selected on the basis of cause, sensations and modalities of the complaint
AGNUS CASTUS 30-–Suitable to old people who are physically impotent  loss of both sexual desire and erection with coldness of the sexual organs; sometimes scanty emission without ejaculation and sometimes great loss of semen during sleep with lack of courage; nervous depression and mental weakness. Sexual melancholy with pains; organ cold and relaxed with physical weakness.
PICRIC ACID 30– Spermatorrhea  with great sexual desire followed by prostration; involuntary seminal emission during sleep without sensual dreams and relaxation of penis  followed by great weakness.
PHOSPHORIC ACID Q–A remarkable remedy for Spermatorrhea associated with general irritability, distressed and anxious with burning in the spine, penis has no power of erection, along with all this, the scrotum and testicles are flabby. Emissions at night and at stool.Parts relaxed during an embrace . Semen ejaculated too soon in coitus. Sudden relaxation of penis  preventing emissions
DAMIANA Q- Absence of sperms in semen and chronic prostractic discharge
SELENIUM 30- An excellent remedy,  more suitable for seminal emissions, voluntary or involuntary, associated with an increased desire and decreased ability; sexual thoughts accompanied by dribbling of semen during sleep and loss of sexual power; on attempting coition, the penis becomes relaxed with the feeling of sexual neurasthenia.
STAPHYSAGRIA 30 –It is the remedy for the bad effects of masturbation where there is great emaciation with dark rings under the eyes, sallow face, peevishness and shyness. The patient is hypochondriacal and permits the mind to dwell too long on sexual subjects; the boy becomes apathetic and gloomy, he has the sunken face and he becomes uneasy about the state of his health.
There may also be irritability of the prostatic portion of the urethra.
CONIUM MACULATUM– This remedy, on account of its mental conditions, is of a great utility in the treatment of sexual excess. Spermatorrhea from long lasting abuse of genital organs, face pale and sunken, with blue rings around the eyes; dread of company, yet does not want to be alone.
SULPHUR 30- There is frequent involuntary emission of semen at night without any erection of the penis. The seminal flow is thin and watery.
Useful when the patient feels weakness, suffers from gastric ailments and the genital organs relaxed, the penis is cold, the erections are few; lasting a short while. In coitus, the semen escapes too soon, almost at the first contact.
CANTHARIS 30- Seminal emission at night, followed by a disagreeable burning heat all over body, great anxiety, heaviness, inability to sleep for the rest of the night; nightly emissions followed by shivering lasting for an hour or two and sleeplessness for that night; partial blindness for an self to work and thus life becomes a burden; violent painful priapism, discharge of blood instead of semen.

CALCAREA CARB. 30- Bad effects of early masturbation; night sweats follow every emission, or, after marriage, every coitus is followed by weakness of mind and body; increased sexual desire provokes emission, but unusual weakness follows indulgence, and ejaculations is tardy; burning and stinging while semen discharges during coition; pressing pain in head and back; lassitude and weakness in lower extremities; sweats easily.
NUX VOMICA 30-– For the bad effects of early masturbation; it should ne give when the patient suffers from headache, frequent involuntary emissions at night, especially toward morning, and the digestive organs are weak. There is an irritable condition from sexual excess, erections taking place, but they are not under the control of the mind and may subside at any time during an embrace; this is a common complaint of city man who have been high lives and drinkers all their lives.
CALADIUM 30 – here, after masturbation, the penis is as flabby as a rag, the prepuce when withdrawn behind the glans does not have sufficient contractility to replace itself. Nocturnal emission occurs with or without dreams. It is indicated in the advanced stages when there are no erections. Emissions occurring without any sexual excitement whatever is a good indication for caladium. Feeling of coldness and cold perspiration about the genitals is also a useful symptom for the remedy.
LUPULINUM 1X- Headache following a nights debauch and seminal emissions. It is a very good remedy for seminal emissions.
LYCOPODIUM 200- Emissions in impotent people , too early if able to penetrate somehow
NUPHAT LUT. Q- Seminal emissions while passing a hard stool or on straining. Complete absence sexual desire. Parts relaxed. Penis retracted. After spermatorrhea, pain in the penis and testicles
ONOSMODIUM 30- Deficient erections and speedy emissions
TRIBULUS TER. Q- Debilitated states of sexual organs. Ready emissions and weak semen. Specific for early ejaculation . It corrects sperms and semen and also ill effects of masturbation and spermatorrhea. Give 15 drops thrice daily
THUJA OCCIDENTALIS Q- Nocturnal emissions are controlled by taking a dose consisting of 6 to 7 drops in water at bed time

TITANIUM CM- A specific remedy. Too early ejaculation in coitus with backache 

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