Lactation describes the secretion of milk from the mammary glands and the period of time that a mother lactates to feed her young. The process can occur with almost all post-pregnancy female mammals, although it predates mammals. In humans the process of feeding milk is also called breastfeeding or nursing.
The chief function of lactation is to provide nutrition and immune protection to the young after birth. In almost all mammals, lactation induces a period of infertility, which serves to provide the optimal birth spacing for survival of the offspring

ACETIC  ACID 30-- Child rejects milk because it is faulty- sour
ACONITUM NAPELLUS 30- Milk is suppressed . For milk fever
BELLADONNA 200- For milk fever
AETHUSA CYN. 30- Milk and milk products cannot be digested and are vomited in large curds, as soon as taken, causing weakness and drowsiness
AGARICUS MUS 30- Complaints from suppression of milk
AGNUS CASTUS 30, ASAFOETIDA 30, PULSATILLA 30- Absence of milk or scanty milk coming down slowly on lactating the child
ARNICA MONTANA 30, BELLIS PERNNIS 30-Inflammation of breasts , because the head of the child violently strikes against the breast while nursing
ASAFOETIDA 30- Milk appears late after labor or diminishes in quantity
BORAX 30- Milk too thick and tastes bad. Child does not want to take breast feed on this account. Pain in the opposite breast while nursing one breast
BRYONIA ALBA 30- Inflammation of the breasts due to accumulation of milk. Ill effects of weaning
BUFO RANA 30- Milk is bloody
CALCAREA CARB 30- For increasing milk supply. Menses during nursing
Milk is too profuse. To dry up milk during weaning
CALCAREA PHOS 30- Milk tastes salty. Child refuses breast feed. Sexual excitement during nursing
CARBO ANIMALIS 30- Weakness of nursing women
CAUSTICUM 30-Suppression of milk due to any cause which cannot be determined
CHAMOMILLA 30-Suppression of milk due to anger
CHINA OFF 30, KALI CARB 30- Weakness during lactation
CHIONANTHUS 30- For stopping milk supply in women who cannot nurse the baby
CINA 200- Child refuses to take breast feed within the first few hours of delivery. If it fails give Merc 200
OLEU JECORIS – Mix a few drops of this oil in the milk for children who cannot take milk. A few days of forced treatment will cure
CROTON TIG 30- Pain from nipples to the back while nursing. Nipples are very sore
GALEGA OFF.  Q- Increases the quantity and quality of milk. It corrects anemia and impaired nutrition of nursing women
GRAPHITES 30, SEPIA 30—Nipples fissured from nursing
LAC VACCINUM DEF. 30, LAC CAN. 30- For reducing the milk supply. Lac-c 200 helps to dry up milk in women who cannot nurse the baby
LACTUCA VIR. 30- For increasing milk supply
LECITHINUM 12X, RICINUS COM. Q, ALFALFA Q- Excellent remedies to increase the quality and quantity of milk in nursing women
LYCOPODIUM 30, BUFO RANA 30-Milk mixed with blood, as the child sucks the nipples. The child vomits blood
MAGNESIUM MUR. 30, NATRUM CARB 30- Milk disagrees
MILLIFOLIUM Q- Milk does not come after labor
NATRUM MUR 200- Pubic hair falls out during nursing
PHYTOLACCA 30- Excessive secretion of milk in nursing women. Breasts hard and lumpy. Sucking and nursing causes pain in the nipples and the pain radiates to other parts of the body
PODOPHYLLUM 30- Prolapse of uterus during nursing
PULSATILLA NIG. 30, SILICEA 30- Pain in the nipples and all over the body , while nursing
PULSATILLA 30, CALCAREA CARB 30, CIMCIFUGA 30-Suppression of milk flow due to sudden emotions
RHEUM 30- Milk ceases to flow after starting
RICINUS COM Q – To produce milk supply in nursing mothers, even in virgins
SABAL SER. 30- For producing milk supply when suppressed
SALVIA OFF 30- Excessive flow of milk from the breasts
SECALE COR 30- Nursing women do not get sufficient milk in their breasts or there is suppression or non appearance of milk after delivery and the breasts do not fill adequately
SEPIA 30- Drinking milk makes the patient worse. Milk does not agree
SILCEA 30- Discharge from the vagina while nursing
STICTA PUL. 30- Scanty milk. It increases the quantity of milk and removes suppression
URTICA URENS 30- Diminished secretion of milk to arrest its flow after weaning
YOHIMBINUM Q- Stimulates the function of lactational glands

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