In vertebrate anatomy, the throat is the anterior part of the neck, positioned in front of the vertebra. It contains thepharynx and larynx. An important section of it is the epiglottis, which is a flap separating the esophagus from the trachea (windpipe) preventing food and drink being inhaled into the lungs. The throat contains various blood vessels, pharyngeal muscles, thenasopharyngeal tonsil, the tonsils, the palatine uvula, the trachea, the esophagus, and the vocal chords. Mammal throats consist of two bones, the hyoid bone and the clavicle. The "throat" is sometimes thought to be synonymous for the isthmus of the fauces.
It works with the mouth, ears and nose, as well as a number of other parts of the body. Its pharynx is connected to the mouth, allowing speech to occur, and food and liquid to pass down the throat. It is joined to the nose by the nasopharynx at the top of the throat, and to ear by its Eustachian tube The throat's trachea carries inhaled air to the bronchi of the lungs. The esophagus carries food through the throat to the stomach. Adenoids and tonsils help prevent infection and are composed of lymph tissue. The larynx contains vocal chords, the epiglottis (preventing food/liquid inhalation), and an area known as the subglottic larynx—the narrowest section of the upper part of the throat. In the larynx, the vocal chords consist of two membranes that act according to the pressure of the air.
The Jugulum is a low part of the throat, located slightly above the breast.[7] The term Jugulum is reflected both by the internal and external jugular veins, which pass through the Jugulum
ACONIYUM NAPELLUS 30- Acute painful, sore throat, whose on set is sudden and causes anxiety. Skin is hot, dry and there is great thirst. The throat is dry, rough, constricted, burning and tingy. Hoarseness’ , accompanies. Movement and warmth relieves and damp , cold weather aggravates. The patient suffers more at night and with rest. Patient feels thirsty for cold drinks
APIS MEL 30- Back of the throat is bright red, severely swollen with burning and stinging pains. The patient is irritable or depressed and is better from fresh air, exercise, stimulants and warmth around the neck. Throat, uvula and tongue are swollen. The throat is fiery red
ARGENTUM NITRICUM 30- Sensation of a splinter in the throat
ARSENICUM ALB 30- Dryness and burning in the throat. Dry mouth and thirst for small quantities of water at short intervals
ASAFOEITIDA 3X- Sensation of a lump rising in the throat, in hysterical patients
BAYTA CARB 200- Tonsils swollen.Smarting pain, worse on swallowing saliva. Solid diet painful to swallow , can swallow liquids only
BELLADONNA 200- Sore throat in the early stages of fever. Throat red , hot and swollen Swallowing difficult. Dryness of the throat
CAPSICUM 30- Sore throat of smokers and drinkers. Burning in the throat
DOLICHOS 30- Pain in the throat as if a splinter is embedded in the throat, worse on swallowing
DULCAMARA 30- Raw , burning acute sore throat with thick saliva and a hoarse voice. Thirst foe cold drinks. Sore throat can be due to exposure to cold damp weather or cooling down rapidly after sweating, better by movement and warmth, worse by rest and at night
EUPHRASIA 6- In coryza and cold with sneezing and watering of eyes, there is soreness of the throat also
GELSEMOIM 30- Sore throat with a bad taste in the mouth. Pain extends to the neck and ears. Swallowing hurts and drining is difficult. Feels cold and hot alternately, due to fever. The head feels heavy as if tied with a band
HEPAR SULPHURIS 30- Inchilly patients , it helps preventing the tendency to sore throat and throbbing pain in the throat. Sensation of a plug  or a splinter in the throat while swallowing. Patient perspires though feeling chilly
KALI CARB 30-  Sticking pain in the throat as from a fish bone
LACHESIS 200- Purple color of the throat with soreness. Any pressure around the throat even that of a neck tie is unbearable. Swallowing of saliva or liquids is painful. Left side affected most
MAGNESIUM CARB 30- Soreness of the throat before menses.
MANGIFERA INDICA 30- Acute problems of the throat. Sensation of suffocation as if the throat would close
MENTHOLUM 30- It is curative in many problems of the throat like catarrh, pharyngitis , laryngitis and pain
MERCURIUS SOL 30- Sore throat. There is a lot of saliva in the mouth and the patient has to spit often
NATRUM PHOS 30- Inflammation of any part of the throat
PHYTOLACCA DEC. Q – 8-10 drops in about 100 ml of luke warm water , 2-3 times a day used for gargling gives good results in cases of sore throat. The throat feels narrow , rough with the sensation of a lump. Throat is dark red in color
RHUS TOX 30- Pain in the throat with restlessness. Sensation of swelling in the throat. The patient usually craves cold milk
SABADILLA 30-Soreness of the throat begins  from the left side. Much tough phlegm, must be swallowed as if it is hard to be spitted out. Throat and fauces are dry
SPONGIA 30- The patient has to clear the throat constantly
SUPHUR 200- The patient is lethargic with offensive breath. Wants to uncover feet because theu burn. Feeling of a lump and burning in the throat
TEREBINTHINIAE 1X- Dryness in the throat of speakers and singers. Inflammation of the whole respiratory tract
WYETHIA 30- A very good remedy for pharyngitis. Irritable throats of singers and public speakers. Constant desire to swallow saliva and clear throat


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