Cancer, also known as a malignant tumor or malignant neoplasm, is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Not all tumors are cancerous; benign tumors do not spread to other parts of the body. Possible signs and symptoms include: a new lump, abnormal bleeding, a prolonged cough, unexplained weight loss, and a change in bowel movements among others While these symptoms may indicate cancer, they may also occur due to other issuesThere are over 100 different known cancers that affect humans
CARCINOSINUM 1000- It should be given in all cases of cancer in the beginning  of the treatment
ACETIC ACID 30- Epithelial cancer and cancer of layers lining the cavities of the alimentary canal
PHOSPHORIC ACID 1X- It iscellent remedy for relieving the pain of cancer and mental and physical debility
ARSENICUM IODIDE 3X- - Cancer of breasts when ulceration has started

ARSENICUM ALB 1M- Cancer of testicles. Give two doses a day, when no other general symptom of the remedy is present
ASTERIAS RUB. 1X- Cancer of breasts , especially left breast. Breasts are hard and painful. Patient is fleshy with a red face. It has a great influence in cancer diseases
BELLIS PERENNIS 1X- Cancer of the stomach with burning pain in the esophagus
CADMIUM PHOS 30- Cancer of testicles
CADMIUM SULPH. 30- Cancer of stomach with persistent vomiting of a black fluid and constant bleeding. Also for cancer of prostate gland
CISTUS CAN. 3X- Cancer of prostate gland. Cancer of glands of the neck wth sensation of coldness in various parts
CALCAREA SULH.30- Fibroma of uterus with very offensive , yellowish bleeding and cystic tumors
CALENDULA OFF. Q- It has a remarkable power to produce local bleeding of a cancer and helps to make acrid discharge healthy and free. Use it as an inter current remedy when ever healing is required after exudation
CARDUS MAR. Q- Cancer of the liver.It reduces pain of cancer also reduces the inflammation of the liver. Diarrhea due to cancer, especially that of the rectum
CHININUM SULPH. 30-Cancerous ulcers due to suppression of malaria
CHOLESTERINUM 3X- Cancer of the liver
CHOLINUM Q – It is an excellent remedy in the treatment of bladder cancer
CINNAMOMUM  Q- Used as an antiseptic agent for washing of cancer parts when the skin is intactUse 3-4 drops in about 2 liters of water, orally 5 drops three times daily.It is specially useful when an offensive odor is present. It also reduces pain of cancer
COBALTUM MET. 200--Cancer of the lungs
CONIUM MACULATUM 1M- Cancer of breasts and testicles
CONDURANGO Q- Cancer of esophagus and stomach. Relieves pain of cancer. Even touch of a finger on the affected  site gives pain
CROTALUS HOR. 30- Cancer of stomach with vomiting of bloody, slimy mucus
ECHINACEA  Q- 10-15 drops in little warm water reduces the pain of cancer in the last stages. Bleeding is foul smelling
EUPHORBINUM 30- It acts as a palliative  for reducing the pain of cancer. It also removes the bad odor coming out of the cancer. Ulcerating carcinoma and epithelium of the skin with biting , burning pains  in bones due to cancer
FICUS REL. Q- Intractable bleeding from fibroids
GALIUM APARINE 30- For cancerous ulcers and nodulated tumors of the tongue
GRAPHITES 30- Cancer of pylorus and duodenum
HECLA LAVA 3X- Cancer of the bones
HEPAR SULPHURIS  1000- When the patient becomes weak due to copious discharges from the opening of a cancer, this remedy in higher potencies dries the discharges and helps to remove the weakness
HOANG NAN Q- It is useful in cancer of any gland whether bleeding or not. Start with 5 drops thrice daily and gradually increase the dose to 25 drops. It removes foul smell and revives the healing process
HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS 30- Cancer of breasts before start of ulceration. Cancer of the uterus . It can be used for douching . 10 drops in a tumbler of luke warm water
HYDROCOTYLE AS. Q- Palliative in pains of cervical cancer
KALI ARS 30- Skin cancer without any visible symptoms. Many small nodules under the skin
KALI CYN 3X-  Cancer of the tongue
KALI PHOS 30- When cancer has been removed surgically and the healing process has started but the skin is drawn tight over the wound  causing inconvenience , use of this remedy eases the patient
KREOSOTUM 30- Cancer of the vagina and prostate. Dribbling of urine. Cannot control the urine the urge to urinate
LEMON JUICE- Palliative in pains of cancer of the tongue. Use 5ml in 8 ounces of water
MALANDRINUM 1M- It is efficacious in clearing the remains of cancerous deposits. Only one dose is given at the end of the treatment when cancer has been cured
MORHINUM 30- Pain of cancer is relieved when the patient is very sensitive nd restless, jerks the limbs. Convulsions are threatened
NITRIC ACID 30- Cancer of tongue
ORINITHOGALUM Q- Cancer of intestinal tract especially of stomach in its lower part and at the start of the intestines. Depression of spirits , complete prostration. Painful contraction and duodenal distension. Pains increases when food passes through the pyloric outlet. Cancer of abdomen.Give a single dose of 10-15 drops and repeat only after seeing results
OVA TOSTA 3X- Relieves pain of cancer anywhere when backache is present
PHOSPHORUS 30- Excessively bleeding fibroids and cancer especially in the stomach.Cancer of pancreas or of bones specially lower jaw and tibia
RADIUM BROMIDE 30- Cancer of skin with itching, great burning and restlessness, better by hot bath and moving about
SCIRRHINUM 1M – To be once only as an intercurrent remedy
SCROPHULARIA NODOSA Q- For intestinal cancers
STRICHINOS  Q- Removes offensive odor and hemorrhage of cancer
SYMPHYTUM OFF. 30- Cancer of bones, periosteum specially of bones
TARAXACUM  Q- Cancer of bladder
TARENTULA CUB. –It reduces the pain of cancer
THUJA OCC 200- Ill effects of vaccination resulting in cancer of face with rapid emaciation
USTILAGO MAY. Q – Cancer of cervix with a sensation as if boiling water is flowing along the back. Bleeds easily
VIBURNUM PRUN. Q- For cancer of tongue

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