Tonsillitis is inflammation (swelling) of the tonsils.
Cause- The tonsils are lymph nodes in the back of the mouth and top of the throat. They help to filter out bacteria and other germs to prevent infection in the body.A bacterial or viral infection can cause tonsillitis. Strep throat is a common cause. The infection may also be seen in other parts of the throat. One such infection is called pharyngitis.Tonsillitis is very common in children.
Symptoms- Common symptoms may be:-Difficulty swallowing, Ear pain,Fever  and chills, Headache,Sore throat, which lasts longer than 48 hours and may be severe, Tenderness of the jaw and throat
Other problems or symptoms that may occur are:-Problems breathing, if the tonsils are very large, Problems eating or drinking
Tonsils act as watchdog for our body; their removal can render the body more prone to infections. Homeopaths have always insisted on saving the tonsils. This is in accordance with the basic philosophy of homeopathy i.e. to preserve and use the body’ own immune system (defense system) for fighting against infections.
BARYTA CARB200 CM—Tonsilitis in scrofulous children who are physically dwarfish and do not grow and develop mentally. Tonsils always swollen . Catarrh of posterior nares. Takes cold easily. Suppurating tonsils from every cold. Smarting pain, when swallowing. Can swallow liquids only. Stinging pain in the tonsils
BELLADONNA  200- CM—Enlarged tonsils with redness . Burning , dryness and  a sense of constriction in the throat. In such cases, it should be considered as the first remedy
HEPAR SULPHURIS  30—Tonsils inflamed with danger of pus formation. Sensation of a thron in the throat and ulcers on the tonsils are cured by this remedy
LACHESIS 200- Tonsils sore and swollen , worse left side. Septic  conditions. Painful with hawking. Purplish or livid color . Swallowing saliva or liquids is painful. Cannot bear anything around the neck. Slightest pressure internally or externally on the neck or even touch annoys
MERCURIUS IODIDE  2X—It is an excellent general remedy for tonsillitis when there is inflammation and pain in the tonsils , worse right tonsil
PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA  30—Inflammation of the tonsils, with pain in the throat. Tonsils become dark red and blue. The patient cannot swallow hot drinks. Hoarseness is usually present
GUAICUM OFF. Q – Acute tonsillitis with a sore throat, worse heat and touch
BRAIN 3X- It is an excellent remedy for sequel or surgical removal of tonsillitis
CALCAREA  CARB. 1M- It is another remedy for ailments after surgery of tonsils. Give it once  a month till cured
TUBERCULINUM 1M—An intercurrent remedy

STREPTOCOCCINUM 1000—For all  problems and ailments after tonsillectomy. The patient is pale- blue or dark rings around the eyes. No appetite and listlessness. Give one dose every month for six months