Everyone wants to look and feel younger. Currently, the anti-aging industry in the United States is an $80 billion business — and research suggests it’s only going to get bigger. By 2015, it could amount to as much as $114 billion. This growth, experts say, is due largely to the population of aging baby boomers, but also to an increasing interest from men looking for ways to hold on to their youth.
According to recent research by L’Oreal, the number of men visiting hair salons to have their hair dyed grew 50 percent between 2008 and 2010. Male plastic surgery also increased last year from 2009: Data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed a two percent uptick overall, a 14 percent increase in facelifts, and a nine percent increase in Botox.
It is found that Homoeopathic medicines can do a great in this field
BREWER’S YEAST  1X- 2 grains of brewer’s yeast taken with meals twice daily brings back youthful look. This yeast is obtained during the brewing of beer. In the dried form, it is a very good source of vitamin B. In the raw  form , it is bitter in taste
GINKGO BILOBA Q—Its use slows down the aging process, increase the vitality, improves the memory, removes physical fatigue and tones up the immune system of the body. It is creited with a beneficial effect on blood circulation and it strength the capillaries
THIOSINAMINUM 2X- It is said to be useful for retarding old age and maintaining youthful looks
ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE  200—Exhausted people, whose spirit is shattered and whose memory has suffered , be it after a serious illness, sexual excesses or the breaking down process of old age. The greedy, suspicious malicious old man can use this remedy for all his mental and physical health if relief by eating is indicated .It is a leading symptom for the use of this remedy.
CALCAREA PHOS 6X—Both men and women whose health has been broken down by a town residence , missing sunshine and open air for a greater part of the day and for any reason has become incapable of doing much work and whose spirits are depressed, are benefited much by use of this remedy

MAGNESIUM PHOS  10 M—It covers the exhaustion and most of the painful ailments, of which old age people often complain and a person looks older than his age

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