Neuralgia is a sharp, shocking pain that follows the path of a nerve and is due to irritation or damage to the nerve.Common neuralgias include:-shingles, and trigeminal neuralgia
Causes--Causes of neuralgia include:--Chemical irritation, chronic renal insufficiency, diabetes, infections such as herpes zoster, HIV, lyme disease, and syphilis, medicines such as cisplatin, paclitaxel, or vincristine, porphyria, pressure on nerves by nearby bones, ligaments, blood vessels, or tumors, trauma – including surgery
In many cases, the cause is unknown..Neuralgia is more common in elderly people, but it may occur at any age.
Symptoms—Increased sensitivity of the skin along the path of the damaged nerve, so that any touch or pressure is felt as pain. Pain along the path of the nerve that is sharp or stabbing, in the same location each episode, comes and goes (intermittent) or is constant and burning, and may get worse when the area is moved. Weakness or complete paralysis of muscles supplied by the same nerve
ACONITUM NAPELLUS  30—Neuralgi a of the face due to exposure to cold or cold draught. Pain in the joints. Face flushed. Neuralgia of the face especially the left side
ARSENICUM ALBUM 200—Periodical attack of pain, worse by cold and better by warmth. Pain of a burning character
BELLADONNA  200- Neuralgia of the face, cheeks , nose, jaws , temples and neck. Rush of blood towards the head
CHAMOMILLA  200—Violent unbearable pains, worse on the left side of the face extending to the head and temples. The patient feels pain more than it is in actual. Pain worse on touch. Neuralgia with numbness
CANNABIS INDICA 30—Ciliary neuralgia. Pain around the eyes extending  to temples, brows and ears. Eyes and lids red
GELSEMIUM  200—Neuralgia with trembling of the lower extremities. Does not want to be disturbed  or spoken to
MAGNESIUM PHOS  200-An excellent remedy for neuralgia , when the neuralgia is on the right side and is relieved by warmth and pressure
PULSATILLA  200—Facial neuralgia, worse in the evening. Pain with coldness of the affected parts. Thirstless patients
SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS  30—Neuralgia of the right side . Burning pain, worse on motion and touch. Better in darkness and sleep
SPIGELIA 30—Neuralgia of the left side, left eye, left chest region , left shoulder , left neck etc. Pains are shooting and burning. Neuralgia of the fifth cranial nerve is prominent
SYMPHYTUM OFF.200- Neuralgia of the knee

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS  200- Many neuralgias have psychosis as their base. Therefore start the case with a single dose of this remedy on the first day, in chronic cases only

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