Anal fistula is the medical term for an infected tunnel that develops between the skin and the muscular opening at the end of the digestive tract (anus).
Most anal fistulas are the result of an infection that starts in an anal gland. This infection results in an abscess that drains spontaneously or is drained surgically through the skin next to the anus. The fistula then forms a tunnel under the skin and connects with the infected gland.
Causes--Most fistulas result from an anal abscess. A small number of fistulas may less frequently be caused by other processes such as Chron’s disease, sexually transmitted diseases,trauma, tuberculosis, cancer, or diverticulitis
Symptoms-- The following may be symptoms or signs of an anal fistula
·         Recurrent anal abscess
·         Pain and swelling around abscess
·         Pain with bowel movements
·         Bleeding
·     Bloody or foul-smelling pus from an opening around the anus. The pain may decrease after the fistula drains.
·         Irritation of the skin around the anus due to persistent drainage.
·         Fever, chills, and a general feeling of fatigue.

In Allopathy surgery is the only option for Anal fistula. But well selected  Homoeopathic medicines cure this condition without surgery. Some of the important remedies are given below.

BELLADONNA 30- Belladonna is effective in the initial stage of fistula , when pus formation takes place. There is fever, throbbing pain and redness of anus occurs.

HEPARSULPH 30- Hepar sulph is advised when the first stage is over. There is intense pain, the part is very sensitive and tender and abscess turns into pus. There is raw smarting in rectum during stools, remaining long afterwards.

SILICEA 1000- Silicea is one of the effective remedy for fistula in anus in the ulcerative stage. Here the passage of fistula converts into sinus. There is a watery discharge oozing from the fistula.

MYRISTICA SEBIFERA Q- Myristica is considered to be a specific remedy for fistula in anus. Myristica is best suited in the early stages of pus formation, Myristica aborts the pus formation. The stool is passing with great difficult because of pain in the anal region. Stool mixed with yellow mucus.

LACHESIS 200-Lahesis is one of the top remedies for fistula in anus. There is pain in fistula as if beaten with hammers. There is chronic constipation and the stool is offensive. The patient experiences a tight feeling around anus.

PAEONIA OFF.Q—Paeonia is excellent for fistula in anus with excruciating pain in anus continued long after stools, must rise and walk about accompanied by pus discharge.The person has intense biting and itching in the swollen anal orifice. There is ulceration of the anus and perineum, which is purple covered with crusts. There is a burning sensation and internal chilliness after passing stools. Painful ulcer , from which oozing a offensive moisture on perineum. There is sudden pasty diarrhea with faintness in abdomen.

CAUSTICUM 200- Causticum is excellent for anal fistula with large piles. The patient feels great difficulty for passing stools.The patient passes stool easily only when standing. There is soreness and burning pain  in the anal and rectal region. The stools are very hard, covered with mucus , shines like grease .There is pulsation, pain and itching around the anus and perineum.

HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS 3X- Hydrastis is also excellent for anal fistula with obstinate constipation. Another feature is prolapsed of anus associated with fistula and fissures. There is raw smarting pain in the rectum during stools, remaining long afterwards. Constipation with sinking feeling in stomach.

NITRIC ACID 1000- Nitric acid is prescribed for anal fistula with soreness and burning pain in anus and rectum.Bowels constipated with fissures in anus.  There is great straining  for stool, but little passes. Violent cutting pain in anus which last for hours .There itching in around anus. From the fistula oozes a thin greenish discharge.

BERBERIS VULGARIS Q- Berberis vulgaris is best for anal fistula with burning pain in anus. Fistula in anus associated with bilious symptoms and itching around anus. There is tearing or smarting pain in anus and perineum.

FLUORIC ACID 30- Fluoric acid is best for fistula in anus accompanied with lachrymal and dental discharges. There is itching and burning around anus.

CALCAREA SULPH 30- Calcarea sulph is best for anal fistula with shooting pain. There painful abscess about the anus in cases of fistula.another feature is discharge of thick yellow colored pus from the fistula.

BACILLINUM 1000- Bacillium is considered an intercurrent remedy, especially in tubercular patients who are susceptible to cold.

SULPHUR 1000- Sulphur is another intercurrent remedy for blind fistula. Sometimes yellowish, greenish, painless discharge from the fistula 

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