The coronary arteries, which are located along the surface of the heart, are blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the heart muscles. When fatty deposits occur, these arteries become clogged and the heart won't be able to get enough blood and oxygen. This will cause a sharp pain in the heart and is the first stage of atherosclerosis. If blood clot forms, then heart attack may occur as they are blocking the blood flow in the arteries
Too much cholesterol in the blood, damage to the artery wall, and inflammation, are some of the causes of fatty plaque buildup.
Fatty heart is more likely to occur among obese or overweight people. If you eat more calories than you expend, the extra calories will be stored as fat cells, which will be the storage bin for excess calories.
In fatty heart the myocardium undergoes fatty degeneration
To prevent coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, and heart attack, try losing weight by at least more than 10%. The best way to achieve this is of course through diet.
Also, by doing more exercise, walking, and getting a good night's sleep every day, you can get rid of fatty deposits around your heart in just three weeks.
ADONIS  VERNALIS 3X- Fatty heart. Muscles of the heart are in a stage of fatty  degeneration.  Irregular heart action. Constriction and vertigo.Weak heart, palpitation and dyspnea
ARNICA  MON. 30 – Threatened apoolexy. Tired heart. Irregular in rate and volume. It dissolves blood clots. Face  becomes red and puffed up
ARSENICUM ALB 30- Fatty degeneration of heart. Palpitations with anguish, worse lying on back, ascendind stairs with slight causes. Pulse more rapid in morningPalpitation, pain , dyspnea, faintness
ARSENICUM IODIDE 30- Weak heart. Pulse rapid irritable
AURUM MET. 30- High blood pressure. Heart feels loose on walking. Sensation as if heart stopped beating  for two or three seconds , immediately followed by tumultuous rebound at the epigastrium. Fatty heart without dial
Oppression of the heart. Violent palpitation.Pulse rapid , feeble, irregular . Hypertrophy of heart
AURUM MUR 30- Sharp pain above the heart
BARYTA CARB 30- Heart feel bruised and sore. Palpitation and distress in the region of heart. Palpitation when lying on left side and thinking of itPulse full and hard . High blood pressure
CACTUS  GRANDIFLORUS Q- Oppressed breathing as from a weight on chest. Constriction in chest, as if bound, hindering respiration. Heart constriction as from an iron band. Weakness of heart. Violent palpitation , worse on lying left side, cold sweat
CRATAEGUS OXY Q- It is a heart tonic. Extreme dyspnea on least exertion. Pulse irregular, feeble and intermittent. Cough. It has wounderful solvent powers upon calcareous and crustaceous deposits in the lumen and arteries
FUCUS VES. Q- Fatty heart due to obesity. Thyroid gland enlargement
KALI IODIDE 30- Palpitation and darting pain in heart , worse when walking
PHOSPHORUS 30- Fatty heart due to general debility. Palpitation with anxiety, while lying on left side. Heart weak. Pulse rapid , small and soft. Heart dilated, especially right. Feeling of warmth in heart
NAJA TRI 30- Heart disease without any symptoms. Sensation of weight on heart. Pulse irregular. Threatened paralysis of heart.
PHYTOLACCA DEC. 30- Fatty heart. Feeling as if heart leaped in to throat. Shock  of pain in  cardiac region alternating with pain in right arm. Pain leaves the heart and goes in to right arm
STROPHANTHUS Q- Increases the power of cardiac muscles. Tones up heart. Cure dropsical accumulations
VANADIUM 30- – A  specific remedy for fatty degeneration of heart.Arteriosclerosis
VERATRUM ALB 30- A cold perspiration on forehead. Palpitation with anxiety. Rapid audible respiration.Pulse irregular and feeble. One of the best heart stimulants

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