Orchitis  is an inflammation of one or both testicles. It is usually caused by a bacterial infection or by the mumps virus.
Bacterial orchitis can be caused by sexually transmitted infections (STIs), particularly gonorrhea or chlamydia. Bacterial orchitis often results from epididymitis, an inflammation of the coiled tube (epididymis) at the back of the testicle that stores and carries sperm. In that case, it's called epididymo-orchitis.
Orchitis causes pain and can affect fertility. Medication can treat the causes of bacterial orchitis and can ease some signs and symptoms of viral orchitis. But it may take several weeks for scrotal tenderness to disappear.
Causes--Orchitis can be caused by a bacterial or viral infection. Sometimes a cause of orchitis can't be determined (idiopathic orchitis).
Bacterial orchitis
Most often, bacterial orchitis is the result of epididymitis. Epididymitis usually is caused by an infection of the urethra or bladder that spreads to the epididymis.
Often, the cause of the infection is an STI. Other causes of infection may be related to having been born with abnormalities in your urinary tract or having had a catheter or medical instruments inserted into your penis.
Viral orchitis
Viral orchitis is usually caused by the mumps virus. About one-third of males who contract the mumps after puberty develop orchitis, usually four to seven days after onset of the mumps.
Symptoms---Orchitis signs and symptoms usually develop suddenly and may include:--Swelling in one or both testicles, Pain ranging from mild to severe, Tenderness in one or both testicles, which may last for weeks, Fever, Nausea and vomiting
The terms "testicle pain" and "groin pain" are sometimes used interchangeably. But groin pain occurs in the fold of skin between the thigh and abdomen — not in the testicle. The causes of groin pain are different from the causes of testicle pain
ACONITUM NAPELLUS 30- Acute inflammation. Due to exposure to dry cold winds
APIS MEL.30- Painful swelling of testis and prostate
ARNICA MON. 30- Due to injury and is accompanied by soreness
ARGENTUM NITRICUM 200- With swelling and pain of lower part of the right testicle
AURUM MET. 30 –Chronic enlargement with pain in cord and testicles
BAPTISIA 30- With squeezed pain in the testicles. Testis hard and inflamed
BELLADONNA 30- Pain comes and goes suddenly. Face flushed
CLEMATIS ER. 30- Bruised pain in testicles. Swelling of the right half of the scrotum and testicle . Testicles very hard
CONIUM MACULATUM 200- Orchitis due to contusion. Testicles hard and enlarged
MERC SOL 30- Swelling and hardness testicles and scrotum with shining redness. Dragging pain in testicles and spinal cord
NITRIC ACID 30- Pain and inflammation of testicles with painful drawing of the spermatic cord
PULSATILLA NIG 30-. Head remedy for this condition. Burning and aching of testicles with or without swelling. After as a complication of measles
OLEU ANIMALE 30- Neuralgia of resticles and spermatic cord
OXALIC ACID 30- Neuralgia of spermatic cord
RHODODENDRON 200- Chronic orchitis . Testicles feel crushed, worse during thunderstorm
SPONGIA 30- Complaints after suppression of gonorrhoea with pain in spermatic cord

THUJA OCC. 200-Recuurent attacks of orchitis due to gonorrhoea and fig warts or condylomata

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