Myositis ossificans is an extra-osseous non neoplastic growth of new bone.  There are several clinical subtypes of myositis ossificans. Myositis ossificans circumscripta refers to new extra-osseous bone that appears after trauma, and occasionally without injury. Progressive myositis ossificans (also known as fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva) is a rare, inherited disorder characterized by fibrosing and ossification of muscle, tendon and ligaments of multiple sites often in the upper extremities and back that is disabling and ultimately fatal. Myositis ossificans is also a recognized complication of paralysis that occurs below the level of spinal cord injury
Myositis ossificans presents as a rapid enlargement and significant pain one to two weeks after injury. The patient has swelling and warmth at the site as well as an increased ESR and serum alkaline phosphatase.
ARNICA30-  -Bad effects of mechanical injuries with sore, lame bruised feeling of body as if lacerated. For traumatic affection of muscle. For injury with blunt instruments. Everything on which he lies seems too hard and keeps moving from place to place in search of a soft place. For concussions and contusions without laceration of soft parts.
CAL.FLOUR-   30--Indurations threatening suppuration is characteristic. Swelling or indurated enlargements having their seat in the fasciae and capsular ligament of joint or  in tendons. Indurations of stony hardness. Chronic lumbago < on beginning to move. For rachitic enlargement of femur in infants.
SULPH.ACID-- 30-Bad effects from mechanical injuries with bruises. Echymosis, cicatrices turn blood red or blue and are painful. Hemorrhage of black blood. Pain of gradual and slowly increasing intensity which ceases suddenly at its height and is repeated. Pain as if pressure by blunt instrument. Tendency to gangrene following mechanical injuries.
BRYONIA30- Aching of muscle, characteristic pain – stitching, tearing worse by motion and better by rest Cracking and dislocation of hip joint when walking. Paralysis of legs, painful stiffness of knees. Red and shining swelling of knees with violent shootings esp. on walking. Insupportable pain on touching and moving with sweat of the body.
MEZERIUM30-Long bones inflamed, swollen. Nightly pains going from above downwards, after abuse of Hg, after venereal disease. Pain in periosteum of long bones < at night in bed, least touch, damp weather
RHUS.TOX 30--Pains tearing in tendons, ligaments and fascia. Limbs stiff, paralysed,.Cold fresh air is not tolerable, it makes the skin painful. Tearing pain in the thigh, paralysis trembling after exertion. Pain as if sprained, as if a muscle or tendon was torn from its attachment. Pain as if bones were scraped with a knife.< midnight, wet rainy weather.
RUTA 30-Bruised lame sensation after a fall or blow, worse in limbs and joints. Parts of body he lies are painful as if bruised. Restlessness – turns and changes position when lying. For bruised and other mechanical injuries  of bones and periosteum.
NAT.SULPH 30--For mental traumatism. Mental effects from injury to head. Pain in limbs, compels frequent change in position. Must change position frequently but it is painful and gives little relief. Feel every change from dry to wet. Pain in hip joint, worse left, stooping. Tearing and drawing in legs, esp. in tendo Achilles and calf.
BADIAGA 30-Several hard, small lumps along the shin bone. At night violent lancinating pains in limbs.
CONIUM 30-Muscular weakness esp. lower extremities. Putting feet on chair relives pain. Dragging pain in hips, < on beginning to walk after sitting, with a sensation as if tendons were too short.
HEP.SULPH 30-Pain as from a bruise on thighs. Painful tension in thighs which prevents sleep. Sudden lassitude of limbs when walking.
LACHESIS 30-Sensation of contraction of tendons of ham. Nocturnal pain in hip and thigh. Sensation of heaviness, paralysis, of numbness and trembling in thigh and knees.
PULSATILA 30-Pain as from bruise or ulceration. Pain in coxi-femeral articulation with painful jerks as in a wound extending as far as knees. < during repose.
SULPHER 200--Pain as from bruise  in hip on least movement, with shooting pains in legs esp. at night in bed. Heaviness of legs, with lesion in thigh and knees esp, at night.
MERC.SOL 30-Sharp lancinating pain in hip joint, thigh and knees esp. at night and during movement, with sensation of coldness in diseased parts. Tearing in hip joint and knees. < at night with pulsating pain.
BELLIS PERENNIS 30-Left sided. Joints sore, muscular soreness. Pain down anterior of thighs. Itching on back and flexor surface of thigh.


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