Many Homoeopathic mother tinctures are very effective for dyspepsia. Some of them are given below
ABROMA AUGUSTA Q- Flatulence with distension of abdomen.Constant dryness of mouth with desire to take large quantities of cold water at a time. Unusual appetite, can eat short after a good meal. Patient is usually constipated
ACALYPHA INDICA Q- Flatulence worse in the after noon. Anorexia, water brash, indigestion and abdominal colic
ALFALFA Q- A specific remedy
ATISTA RADICA Q- Flatulence temporarily relieved by eructation. Indigestion due to worm associated with heaviness in the abdomen. Frequent eructations after a meal. Heart burn 3-4 hours after meals . Canine hunger. Aversion for liquid food and strong desire for lime juice. Throbbing pain at the pit of the stomach
AZADIRACTA INDICA Q- Great weakness and flatulence . Twisting pain in the epigastrium. Clutching pain in the umbilical region compelling the patient to bend forward. Heart burn and water brash. Mentally depressed and forgetful
CARICA PAPAYA Q- Dyspepsia with weak digestion. Desire for small quantities of food many times a day. Tongue is white coated. Enlarged liver and spleen with fever
EMBELIA RIBES Q- Flatulence and dyspepsia. Terrible nausea . There will be worm infestations. Great hunger soon after a meal. Irritable, fretful, and morose
GENTIANA CHIRATA Q- Flatulence associated with anorexia and hyperacidity. Pain in abdomen. Desire for bitter things and milk. Tongue is yellowish coated
GENTIANA LUTEA Q- Dyspepsia. Loss of appetite after illness
JANOSIA ASOKA Q- Abdomen is hard and distended. Complaints aggravate in the evening. Excessive nausea with vomiting of bile. No desire for food , eats little at a time
OCIMUM SANCTUM Q- Flatulence with want of appetite . Rumbling and gurgling , but no relief even  after a stool. Forgetfulness and lack of concentration
TERMINALIA CHEBULA Q- Sensation of fullness in stomach. Tongue is very dry, brown coating at the tip of the tongue. Profuse salivation with intense thirst for cold water. Patient is mentally indifferent
EMBELIA OFFICINALIS Q- Dyspepsia and hyperacidity. Sour vomiting and sour smelling faeces . Flatulence associated with colic pain. Milk is not digested
RUBINA TINCTORUM Q- Loss of appetite. Craving for milk

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