Brain fag is a condition characterized by excessive mental tiredness. While most people have experienced symptoms of mental fatigue from time to time, true mental fatigue can potentially lead to serious problems, including reduced productivity, poor job performance and impaired physical functioning. Learning to recognize the symptoms of mental fatigue can help prevent unnecessary complications.
Brain fag may manifest in different ways for each person. Difficulty concentrating and solving problems, anxiety, irritability with co-workers and loss of passion for work are potential symptoms of mental fatigue. Other symptoms include sleeplessness and confusion or frustration triggered by problem-solving tasks like simple math.
While there is no set time frame for mental fatigue, symptoms may persist indefinitely if not addressed early on. Generally, mental fatigue is associated with symptoms that get worse over time, though it may be transient in some cases. External factors such as career stress and academic pressure can greatly influence the duration of mental fatigue.
AESCULUS HIP. 3X- Loss of memory. Sadness. Confused and bewildered
ALLIUM CEPA 30—After wine
ALUMINA 30- Confusion of intelligence. Unable  to affect a decision. Judgement disturbed. The things that he knows or has known to be real seem to him to be unreal and he is in doubt whether they are so or not
AMRA GRISEA 30- Nervous and mental weakness due to shock of loss in business, death of a loved one, failures, etc. Dwells  upon disagreeable  happenings  unnecessarily
ANACARDIUM ORI. 30- Brain fag with marked loss of memory  or due to over study
ARGENTUM NITRICUM 30-Brain fag and general debility. Impulses to jump  out of windows. Trembling. Vertigo. Fear of death. Headache with coldness. Feeling of strangulation in throat
BELLADONNA 30- Brain fag after delirium
CALCAREA CARB. 30- Brain fag on account of fear of failure, tension, depression, or wounded pride
COCA 30- Wearing out under mental and physical strain
HYDROCYANIC ACID 30- Feels as if cloud going over brain
IGNATIA AMARA 30-Changeable mood. Silient brooding. Mental and physical depression . Sad  and tearful. Sighing and sobbing
KALI BROM . 30- In melancholia, caused by overwork, sensation as if about to lose senses
KALI PHOS 6x, 200x- One of the best remedies for prostration of brain, mental and physical depression. For sleeplessness use 200x , otherwise use 6x potency
LACHESIS 200- Brain fag in diphtheria
NATRUM MUR. 30- Sleeplessness due to dwelling over unpleasant events of the past and thus tires his brain
NUX VOMICA 30- Fatgue caused by mental work or by worries
PICRIC ACID 30- Mental fatigue due to headache . Mental fatigue in teachers who have to teach lengthy hours against their will. Mental fatigue of literary persons and writers who work for long hours
SILICEA 30- Brain fag in students, lawyers, clergymen, due to prolonged efforts and sleepless nights in completing their task
SULPHUR 200- Brain appears tired on waking up in the morning
ZINCUM PHOS 30- Brain fag due to business worries. Weak memory. Attacks of vertigo which is better on rest and lying down

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