DNA is a less known homoeopathic medicine but having wide clinical applications. Deoxyribonucleic [ DNA ] is the fundamental genetic material of all the cells. DNA was proved by Dr. O.A.Julian of Paris from 1970 to1972. DNA has great utility in paediatric practice. I find this medicine mostly getting indicated in adolescence and in early adulthood.I have also used this medicine for a few middle aged men whose behavior is like that of adolescents.
The DNA children and adolescents are mentally idiotic but sexually precocious. They are nervous and emotionally unstable .Comprehension is difficult. They confuse one subject with the other and hence they are mostly backward in schools and colleges. Though they are mentally backward physically they are restless, they want to be occupied always. They do not want to be idle, but because of their mental backwardness, they are unable to accomplish their works. This failure inhibits them and makes them turn inwards. In short DNA people are 'DUAL PERSONALITY'. People-on one side having desire to work, to conquer easily but on the other side idiotic, sluggish and resentful. This double personality reflects in their sexuality also. They are sexually precocious and tend to seduce. But their unstable, hypersensitive, irritable attitude results in failure in their relation with the mates. This failure leads into a reserved attitude, they want to get isolated leading to a state of onanism. The DNA people are anxious with out any reason. They are highly irritable and vexed of worldly affairs, asking questions like "what is the use of doing this or that?
Mind-General hypersensitivity i.e., asthenia. general well being, feels on top form in the morning, but extremely irritable.with general feeling of discomfort in the morning which makes him bad tempered, nervous disposition, needs to work and to finish everything undertaken during the day, does not want to be idle, but on the other side difficulty in assembling thoughts, poor powers of concentration, hence impossible for him to work, periods of dual personality.
Head : Pulsating headache < by movement lying down with hands under the nape of the neck. headache with urge to pass stool which does not relieve the headache.
Mouth : gums bleed when brushing the teeth. Tongue white coated which can not be easily cleaned, sensitive gums.
Stomach, Intestine, Abdomen : Hunger pangs between meals, pain in the epigastrium , gastric distension, not> by food, tendency to constipation with dry, hard stools, flatulence and rumbling, burning in oesphagus and in stomach. Tendency to diarrhoea after meals with flatulence.
Circulatory System :  nocturnal, recurring cramps in calves.
Throat : splinter like feeling in the throat < morning on waking < 6pm raw feeling of a foreign body, especially on the left side >by cold water and by swallowing.
Eyes  : Difficulty in seeing distant objects .extreme ocular fatigue.
Urinary :Sometimes scanty and yellow ; sometimes copious and pale.
Genitalia : libido increased - some times decreased, erotic dreams.
Locomotor : pain in left shoulder < movement < cold and damp : humidity.
Skin : Eczema, psoriasis, alopecia, seborrhea, folliculitis, of thighs, marginal anal eczematous rash with burning and oozing
Mod : < from movement, by wine > from rest, lying in the dark, laterality: left side

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