Uterine prolapse occurs when pelvic floor muscles and ligaments stretch and weaken, providing inadequate support for the uterus. The uterus then slips down into or protrudes out of the vagina.
Uterine prolapse can happen to women of any age, but it often affects postmenopausal women who've had one or more vaginal deliveries. Weakening of the pelvic muscles that leads to uterine prolapse can be caused by:-Damage to supportive tissues during pregnancy and childbirth, Effects of gravity, Loss of estrogen, Repeated straining over the years
Symptoms-Uterine prolapse varies in severity. You may have mild uterine prolapse and experience no signs or symptoms. If you have moderate to severe uterine prolapse, you may experience:Sensation of heaviness or pulling in your pelvis, Tissue protruding from your vagina, Urinary problems, such as urine leakage or urine retention, Trouble having a bowel movement, Low back pain, Feeling as if you're sitting on a small ball or as if something is falling out of your vagina, Sexual concerns, such as a sensation of looseness in the tone of your vaginal tissue, Symptoms that are less bothersome in the morning and worsen as the day goes on
SEPIA CM- Head remedy for prolapse of the uterus. Bearing down. Must cross limbs to prevent protrusion of the parts. Oppressed breathing
LILIUM TIG 30- It should be tried when Sepia fails. Bearing down with heavy weight and pressure as if whole contents of pelvis would pass through the vagina. Better by pressure of hands, Dragging from umbilicus. Great nervous irritability. Constant urinary flow. Constant urinary flow .Constant desire to pass urine due to prolapse of uterus
PODOPHYLLUM 30-Prolapsed uterus on straining or overlifting after childbirth. Sensation as if the genitals would come out during stool. Severe backache
FRAXINOUS AMERICANA- Q- A uterine tonic. Fibroids with bearing down sensation. Uterus is enlarged, heavy and prolapsed
BELLADONNA 30- Bearing down as if the contents of pelvis would press out. Better by standing. Active congestion and offensive discharges
MUREX 30- Violent bearing down relieved by crossing legs
HELONIAS 30- Prolapse due to heavy uterus. Dragging in sacral region with prolapse, especially after a miscarriage. Uterus low down, fundus titled, the finger passes with difficulty between the os and rectum
TILIA EUROPEA 6- Frequent desire and dragging from groin downwards. Sensation as if everything were being pressed out with pressure on rectum and uterus. Leucorrhea. Uterine prolapse after labour. Intense sore feeling around the uterus
ARGENTUM MET 30-Bearing down pain.Proplapse uterus with pain in left ovary and small of the back extending in front and downwards. Eroded spongy cervix
ARNICA MONTANA 30-Prolapse due to concussion . Cannot walk erect due to prolapse
AURUM MET 30- Prolapse due to after lifting heavy weight . Worse at menstrual period
ASTERIAS RUBENS 6- Pushing out sensation with twitching in womb
AGARICUS MUS 30- Awfully bearing down pains which are almost intolerable
LACHESIS 30-Prolapse of uterus during menopause
KALI CARB 30- Prolapse of uterus after labour
NATRUM HYPOCHLORO 30- Bearing down of pelvis. Uterus water logged
NATRUM MUR. 200- Prolapse of uterus with cutting in the urethra. Bearing down pains worse in the morning
PULSATILLA NIG. 30- Bearing down sensation with pains , worse lying down
STANNUM MET 30- Prolapse of uterus, worse after stools. Prolapse with weak, sinking feeling in stomach

SABINA 30- Bearing down from lower part of the back, around abdomen and around thighs

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