A sneeze is a sudden, forceful, uncontrolled burst of air through the nose and mouth.
Causes --Sneezing is caused by irritation to the mucus membranes of the nose or throat. It can be very bothersome, but is rarely a sign of a serious problem.
Sneezing can be due to:-Allergy to pollen, mold, dander, dust, Breathing in corticosteroids (from certain nose sprays), common cold or flue, drug withdrawal, Triggers such as dust, air pollution, dry air, spicy foods, strong emotions, certain medicines, and powders
ACONITUM NAPELLUS  30– Due to  sudden exposure to cold, dry winds
ALLIUM CEPA 30- Frequent and violent sneezing during coryza. Worse coming in to a warm room
AMMONIUM PHOS 3X- Sneezing only in the morning with excessive running from the nose and eyes
ARSENICUM ALB 30- Ineffectual desire for sneezing or actual sneezing, better by hot applications. Burning discharge from the nose
ARSENICUM IOD. 30- Burning , copious watery discharge with sneezing. The discharge burns the nostrils and the lips. The patient is better in the open air and with cold applications
CALCREA PHOS 30- Sneezing without coryza
CYCLAMEN 30- Excessive sneezing with itching in the ear
GELSEMIUM 30- Tendency to morning sneezing without any cause
GLYCERINUM 30- Sneezing worse in the evening
HEPAR SULPHURIS 30- Sneezing due to cold dry winds
KALI SUL 1X- With frequent sneezing, lachrymation, watery mucus, redness of nose. Sometimes bronchial  asthma
MERC KALI IOD. 30- Profuse watery mucus from nose with sneezing, coughing and watering of the eyes
NAPHTHALINUM 30- Sneezing and inflamed eyes . It is both curative and preventive of sneezing
NATRUM MUR 200- Violent sneezing with coryza. Loss of sense of smell and taste . Sneezing worse at about 10 am or after rising from sleep  in the morning. Discharge from the nose is either watery or like white of an egg. Nose stopped up
OPIUM 200- Violent sneezing when well selected remedies fail
SABADILLA 30- Fluent coryza and violent sneezing, knowing not when will it end. Worse cold
SAPONARIA OFF 30- Violent sneezing, with sharp burning taste and severe sore throat, worse right side. Symptoms are worse in warm room
SEPIA 30- Morning sneezing in bed, worse in cloudy weather, in company or when consoled
SILICEA 30- Sneezing aggravated in the morning with a chronic tendency
SINAPIS  NIGRA 30- Sneezing with coryza, lachrymation . Itching and burning in the eyes, dryness of nose or acrid discharge
SULPHUR 200- Sneezing while lying on a pillow  filled with feather or synthetic materials
TUBERCULINUM 200- In several cases , it cures sneezing or at least cuts short the treatment

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