An injury is damage to your body. It is a general term that refers to harm caused by accidents, falls, hits, weapons, and more. These Injuries can happen at work or play, indoors or outdoors, driving a car, or walking across the street.
Wounds are injuries that break the skin or other body tissues. They include cuts, scrapes, scratches, and punctured skin. They often happen because of an accident, but surgery, sutures, and stitches also cause wounds. Minor wounds usually aren't serious, but it is important to clean them. Serious and infected wounds may require first aid followed by a visit to your doctor. You should also seek attention if the wound is deep, you cannot close it yourself, you cannot stop the bleeding or get the dirt out, or it does not heal.
Other common types of injuries include – Bruises, burns, dislocations, fractures, sprains and strains
ARNICA MONTANA 1000- This is the remedy of first importance to all kinds of injuries, traumatic or bruised. It is mostly suited to cases , when any injury, however remote seems to have caused the present trouble. Higher potencies are as effective as lower
BELLIS PERENNIS 30- Injuries to deeper tissues and nerves
CALENDULA OFF. Q- A lotion of Calendula is used in all kinds of injuries and wounds. Internally it is most effective in healing. It is a great antiseptic
CAUSTICUM 30- Healed wounds and scars reopen. Affects of old injuries come back
ECHINACEA Q- Ulcers or wounds with foul smell and with a tendency to gangrene . 10 drops in an ounce of luke warm water may be used locally for cleaning and as an antiseptic wash. 5 drops in a little water may be used internally, every 2 hours till the curative effects appear
HELLEBORUS NIGER 10M- This remedy is very special for the after effects of head injuries
HYPERICUM PERF. 12X- Injuries to nerves in the soft parts of the body like finger tips. It is useful in the injuries of coccyx and spine. Injuries of long standing duration
LEDUM PAL 30- Injuries caused by piercing of nails ‘ punctured wounds ‘, insect bites, etc
NATRUM SULPH 10M- Injuries to the head and mental troubles , thereafter
RUTA G 30- Bruises caused by blows and from blunt weapons , when there is bleeding under the skin , giving it a blue black appearance
SILICEA 200- Corneal abscess after traumatic injury
STAPHYSAGRIA 30- Injuries caused by sharp instruments , like knife and sword
SULPHUR 200- Use it when every little injury suppurates

SYMPHYTUM OFF. Q- Injuries of the bones , eye balls, tendons and ligaments

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