.In ayuerveda hydrocotyle is considerd as a rasayana. Hydrocotyle asiatica L is commonly known as Indian pennywort , belongs the family umbelliferae. This herb is common throughout India in waste places, gardens and shady localities. Whole plant and leaves are used in pharmaceutical uses. 
Hydrocotyle is a rejuvenative nervine recommended for nervous disorders, including epilepsy, senility and premature aging. As a brian tonic it is said to aid intelligence and memory.
1. Juice of hydrocotyle , owder od madhuca indica, juice of the whole plant of Tinospora cordifolia and paste of convolvulus pluricaulis should be used with milk . They are life- giving , disease destroyers and promoters of strength, digestive power, complexion and voice. These are intellect promoting rasayanas of which convolvulus is the outstanding one.
2. Regular use of hydrocotyle fried in ghee for a month keeping on non cereal diet acts as rasayana

3. Insanity - Juice of hydrocotyle combined with equal quantity of that of datura stramonium leaves and somavalli alleviates insanity
4. Disorders of voice- Hydrocotyle combined with aegle marmelos , kustha and convolvulus and mixed with hones is used for clearing voice

5. High blood pressure- It has a positive effect on circulatory system. It improves the blood flow while strengthening the veins and capillaries. It has been used successfully to treat phlebitis, leg cramps, and abdominal tingling of the extremities. It soothes and minimizes varicose veins and helps to minimize scaring
Dose-- Juice- 10- 20 ml
In Homoeopathic system of medicine it is used for leprosy , psoriasis, and pain of cervical cancer