Ashwagandha is a popular plant in Ayurveda which has been in use for many centuries now.It is otherwise known as Indian Ginseng . It has gained a very important place in Ayurveda due to its medicinal properties. The name of the plant comes from Sanskrit words Ashwa and Gandha which literally mean a horse’s odour. The most important part of ashwagandha is the root. The root of the plant contains innumerable properties ranging from strengthening the immune system, increasing libido, lowering arthritis and many more
 It is beneficial for men’s health in many other ways apart from sexual health. It actually nourishes and refreshes the brain in several ways, hence promoting improved mood and clearer thinking. In short, it rejuvenates and repairs the mind, even after painful stresses. When the herb has a direct effect on the brain, a man will be less stressed and less anxious.
The main uses are as follows

1. Sexual Appetite/Libido

Men who have a low libido might find the root of this plant very beneficial for increasing their sexual appetite and libido. If you and your partner have been trying hard for a child, but you have been diagnosed with a low sperm count or even impotence, don’t worry!  Just try taking ashwagandha regularly.
2. Stress
Another one of the key ashwagandha benefits for men is stress relief. Stress also happens to be one of the main causes of sexual issues for men, namely premature ejaculation. Classified as an adaptogen, ashwagandha is believed not only to assist a man to manage stress but also to improve his body’s overall immunity. So if you are facing the problem of premature ejaculation due to stress, taking ashwagandha every day might help you greatly..

3. Mental Aptitude
As a result of improved body immunity and better managing of stress, marked improvement in reaction time and mental aptitude of men were noted as other aswagandha benefits for men. So if you are currently having issues with a brain that is working slowly for some reason or another, try taking ashwagandha and see if it makes a marked difference in your brain’s working speed.

4. Vigor
Lack of vigor is another reason why men have sexual issues Aswagandha is well-known in India since thousands of years ago as the life imbuing plant. To experience strength from within or gain general vigor, taking ashwagandha daily may help. There are various brands of ashwagandha pills or tablets on the market these days. 
Think about taking any of these tablets or pills daily if you wish to enjoy the full benefits of this wonder plant. But, as with any other medication or herbs, consulting your personal physician prior to taking ashwagandha is best.

For those who are not keen on taking pills or wish to save some money, there is another alternative. Mix ten parts of milk, one part of ghee and one part of ashwagandha together. Boil this mixture until nothing remains but the ghee. Take one tablespoon of this ghee early in the morning and in the evening every day to enjoy ashwagandha benefits for men fully.

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