Keloids scars are firm , smooth , hard growths due to spontaneous scar formation . They can arise soon after an injury, or develop months later. Keloids may be uncomfortable or itchy, and may be much larger than the original wound. Keloids may develop on any part of the body , although the upper chest and shoulders are especially prone to them.
The precise reason that wound healing sometimes leads to keloid formation is under investigation but is not yet clear.
While most people never form keloids, others develop them after minor injuries, burns, insect bites and acne spots. Dark skinned people form keloids more easily than Caucasians .
Keloids are harmless to general health and do not change in to skin cancers.


Homoeopathic remedies are effective for dissolving scar tissue without any side effects. The important remedies are given below-

THIOSINAMINUM 3X--Thiosinaminum is one of the top medicines used  for dissolving keloids. Thiosinaminum is considered to be a specific remedy for all types of keloids.  This  Homeopathic remedy is very strong and powerful enough to dissolve the scar tissue

GRAPHITES 30-Graphites is another remedy , and it is  of great help for the early stage of Keloid formation. Graphites acts very effectively in the very beginning of Keloid formation to absorb the scar tissue and dissolve the Keloid.Somtimes from the Keloid oozes  out a thin, sticky fluid.

SILICEA 200-Silicea is best for treating  Keloids that are painful. Silicea has a great power to decrease the pain and dissolve the unnecessary cicatricial tissue resulting in formation of Keloids. Sometimes there is fistulous furrowingunder the process of suppuration. Also constitutional symptoms like ,  excessive offensive sweat on feet and sensitivity towards cold air may be present.The patient is chilly.

NITRIC ACID 30-Nitric acid is effective for treating Keloids where sharp, splinter – like pain occurs.  The Keloid looks irregular in shape and is often jagged in appearance. A very peculiar feature for using Homeopathic medicine Nitric Acid is highly offensive urine.

FLUORIC ACID 30-- Fluoric Acid is the best for  Keloids that itch. The itching disappears following the use of Fluoric Acid and  the Keloid also begins to shrink . The itching may get worse by heat.

CAUSTICUM 200-Causticum  is  the top  Homeopathic medicine for Keloid formation following burns. It works well in treatment of both Keloid formation soon after burns and when old burn scars resurface and re-freshen, leading to Keloid formation.

CALENDULA OFFICINALIS 30-Calendula is effective for Keloids  that have formed following skin injuries either due to accidental trauma or cuts from surgical operations. Calendula can also act as a preventive Homeopathic medicine against Keloid formation with the application of Calendula tincture over the affected traumatic side as soon as possible in addition take Calendula internally.

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS 200-Thuja occ is effective for the treatment of Keloid that formed at vaccination sites.

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