Heel pain usually affects the underside or back of your heel. Although heel pain is rarely a symptom of a serious condition, it can interfere with your normal activities, particularly exercise.
Causes-- The most common causes of heel pain are plantar fasciitis (bottom of the heel) and Achilles tendinitis (back of the heel). Causes of heel pain also include:
·         Achiles tendinitis
·         Achiles tendon rupture
·         Bone tumor
·         Bursitis
·         Haglund's deformity
·         Heel spur
·         Osteomyelitis
·         Paget’s disease of bone
·         Peripheral neuropathy
·         Plantar fasiitis
·         Reactive arthritis
·         Retrocalcaneal bursitis
·         Rheumatoid arthritis
·         Sarcoidosis
·         Stress fractures
·         Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Homoeopathic remedies are very effective for curing heel pain safely. Some of the impotant  remedies are given below--

CALCAREA FLOUR 30-It is an excellent remedy for heel pain due to  calcaneal spur. It is the most effective Homeopathic medicine with the best healing power to dissolve the Calcaneal Spur. This Homeopathic remedy is of great help in all cases of Calcaneal Spur whether painful or not. Calcarea Fluor acts as the best resolving agent for Calcaneal Spur and is considered the first choice of Homeopathic remedy in every case of Calcaneal Spur. It is considered a specific remedy for this condition

AMMONIUM CARB 30- Ammonium carb is best for heel pain on standing with tenderness. There is cramps in calf and soles. The big toe painful and wollen.

BERBERIS VULGARIS 200- Berberis vulgaris is effective for heel pain which is relieved by putting the entire body weight on them. Pain in the heel as if ulcerated.

BORAX 30- Borax is effective for heel pain with burning pain in great toe.There is inflammation of the bulb of toess and stitching pain in soles.

ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 30- Antimonium crudum is prescribed for pain in heels due to corns. Feet very tender due to the presence of large horny places. Inflamed corns causes heel pain. 

AMMONIUM MUR 30-Ammonium Mur is a very effective  Homeopathic medicine for heel pain due  Calcaneal Spur.Pain in heel on walking. This Homeopathic remedy is of great help in decreasing the pain in heel on walking due to Calcaneal Spur. Ammonium Mur helps in decreasing the pain as well as dissolving the spur. Apart from specific worsening of pain on walking, the person also complains of pain in morning. A few people needing Ammonium Mur may get relief by slight rubbing of the heel. The pain can be stitching or tearing in nature .

COLCHICUM AUTUMNALE 30-Colchicum is effective for heel pain due to gout. Pain in big toe and heel. Cannot bear to touch or move it is the guiding symptom.

CYCLAMEN 30- Cyclamen is effective for burning boring pain in heels, better by moving about , massage, warmth , worse sitting or standing and by a cold bath.

RHUS TOXICODENDRON 200- Rhus Tox is the top remedy for pain in heel on standing due to Calcaneal Spur. Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox also helps in repairing the muscles and ligaments covering the heel bone, thus preventing further heel damage. Its next action is to dissolve the spur. Rhus Tox thus acts in three spheres for Calcaneal Spur patients — pain relief, strengthening the muscles or ligaments, and dissolving the spur. The pain is stitching in character. The person may feel the pain as being similar to that caused by a splint. Another expression used may be pain as from a nail under the skin.

ARANEA DIADEMA 30-Aranea Diadema is considered a top  Homeopathic medicines for heel pain due  Calcaneal Spur treatment. This Homeopathic remedy is best for getting rid of digging and boring type of pains in heel. The pain may alternate with a numb feeling in the heel. An extreme sensitivity to cold air can also be predominantly present.

AURUM MET 30-Pain in heel at night. The pain in heel at night due to Calcaneal Spur is best relieved by Aurum Met.lles tendon.

ARISTOLOCHIA MIL. 30-Aristolochia is prescribed when stitching pain in heels occurs with itching. There is cramp like pain in left Achi

TARTARIC ACID 3X—Tartaric acid is best for pain in heels and soles.There is tearing pain at soles near the heel, which prevents him setting his foot on the ground after luncheon.

LATHYRUS SATIVUS 30-Lathyrus sat. is prescribed when heels do not touch the ground due to pain on walking. The patient walks on the front part of the feet.

MEZEREUM 30-Pain by touching. Mezereum is best for heel pain due to spur and it is worse by touching. For patients complaining of pain in heel spur when touched, Mezereum is the best remedy. The patient may show an increased sensitivity to cold air.

PETROLEUM 200-Petroleum is prescribed when stitching pain in heels as if by splinters. The heels are rough with cracks and fissures. The complaints are worse in winter.

PULSATILLA NIG. 30-Pulsatilla is prescribed when pricking of nails like pain occurs in heels. The patient puts the feet outside the blanket to cool them as it has a pleasing effect on the pain.

PHYTOLACCA DEC. 30-Phytolacca dec is best when aching pain in heels occurs , which is relieved by elevating the feet. The nature of the pain is like electric shocks.

RUTA GRAVEOLENS 30-Pain in heel extending to Achilles tendon. The tendon that connects the calf muscle present in the back of the leg to heels is known as Tendo Achilles. For patients who have pain in heel due to Calcaneal Spur with the extension of pain in Tendo Achilles, the best Homeopathic remedy for relief is Ruta. Ruta is of great help in bony and tendon complaints.

RANUNCULUS BULBOSUS 30-Ranunculus is best for acute pain in heels. There is pulsative stitches in the left heel on standing.

SILICEA 30- Silicea is prescribed when tearing pain in the heels is present due to sprained ankles. Soreness in feet from instep through to the sole.

VALERIANA 30-Valeriana is prescribed when stinging pain in heels is present while sitting.

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