Cervical polyps are fingerlike growths on the lower part of the uterus that connects with the vagina cervix

Causes--The exact cause of cervical polyps is not known. They may occur with:-An abnormal response to increased levels of the female hormone estrogen, chronilammation, Clogged blood vessels in the cervix
Cervical polyps are common. They are often in women over age 20 who have had children. Polyps are rare in young women who have not started having their period (menstruation).
Most women have only one polyp, but some women have two or three.

Symptoms-Polyps do not always cause symptoms. When symptoms are present, they may include-Very heavy menstrual periods, Vaginal bleeding after douching or intercourse, Abnormal vaginal bleeding after menopause or between periods, White or yellow leucorrhea
PHOSPHORUS 200-CM—It is an excellent magic remedy for cervical polyp. There is extra overgrowth on cervix. This growth bleeds easily by touch. Menses too early, too long lasting, bright red, copious or scanty, but continues for long period. There is violent pain in the ovaries extending down to the inner side of the thighs during menses due to inflammation of the ovaries.Pain in the back as if broken. Icy cold hands and feet, blue rings around the eyes, much fearfulness and nausea during menstrual period. Polyp is bright red in color, thin walled and are usually pedunculated.
CALCAREA CARB. -200- CM—It is another important remedy for cervical polyp.Suited to fleshy girls with fair complexion.. Cervical polyp in young children and in young girls. It is bright red in color, thin walled. Tendency to reappear or relapse. Tendency for overgrowth. Patient is chilly and takes cold easily. Craving for eggs
SEPIA 200- CM- Inflammation with cellular proliferation of cervical tissue takes place which leads to cervical polyp. There is ulceration of cervical mucous membrane  with pruritus vagina . Tenderness genitals to tuch. Pressure at genitals as if everything  would protrude so the patient crosses her legs. There is yellowishness of skin  or brown spots. Menses too early , too scanty and flowing only in morning. There is menorrhagia with a painful sensation of emptiness at the pit of the stomach
THUJA OCCIDENTALIS 200- CM- It is also an important remedy for cervical polyp. There is extra growth in the urinogenital tract.Supressed gonorrhea with cervical polyp. Any touch or the attempt  of coition provokes the perennial muscles and the vaginal walls to go in to spasm.

KALI IODIDE 200—An excellent remedy for cervical polyp. The cervical polyp is covered by endocervix or endometrium. These polyps get blood supply through the endometrium . Leucorrhea may cause the infection of polyp. Produse acrid watery coryza with cervical polyp.

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