Mastitis is an infection of the breast tissue that results in breast pain, swelling, warmth and redness. You also might have fever and chills. Mastitis most commonly affects women who are breast-feeding (lactation mastitis), although sometimes this condition can occur in women who aren't breast-feeding.
In most cases, lactation mastitis occurs within the first six to 12 weeks after giving birth (postpartum), but it can happen later during breast-feeding. The condition can cause you to feel run down, making it difficult to care for your baby.
Causes- Breast-feeding is a learned skill, and poor technique can lead to milk being trapped in the breast, a main cause of mastitis. Other causes include:
·         A blocked milk duct. If a breast doesn't completely empty at feedings, one of your milk ducts can become clogged, causing milk to back up, which leads to breast infection.
·         Bacteria entering your breast. Bacteria from your skin's surface and baby's mouth can enter the milk ducts through a break or crack in the skin of your nipple or through a milk duct opening. Stagnant milk in a breast that isn't emptied enough provides a breeding ground for the bacteria. The antibacterial properties of your milk help protect your baby from the infection.
Symptoms--With mastitis, signs and symptoms can appear suddenly and may include:
·         Breast tenderness or warmth to the touch
·         Generally feeling ill (malaise)
·         Breast swelling
·         Pain or a burning sensation continuously or while breast-feeding
·         Skin redness, often in a wedge-shaped pattern
·         Fever of 101 F (38.3 C) or greater
Although mastitis usually occurs in the first several weeks of breast-feeding, it can happen anytime during breast-feeding. Lactation mastitis tends to affect only one breast.
ACONITUM NAPELLUS 30- Mastitis after a  chill
BELLADONNA 30- Red streaks radiate from a central point . Pulsating pain with hardness of the breast. Sudden mastitis, often with a headache
BELLIS PER 30- Pain due to bruising
BRYONIA ALB. 30- An excellent remedy for mastitis. The breast is hard and painful. Mastitis after a chill. Stitching pain and tense swelling
CALCAREA CARB 30- Tender and swollen breasts before a period
CONIUM MACULATUM 30- Piercing pain , worse at night. Tenderness in the uninflammed part of the breast which feels hard . The The breast is painful, even from the touch of clothes  or the jar of walking
GRAPHITES 30- Painful cracked nipples
PHYTOLACCA 30-The breasts are very sensitive during nursing and there is an excess of milk . Suppuration with crusting. Pain radiating from the nipple to all parts of the body, especially the arm. The patient is chilly may have rigors and aches all over the body
SILICEA 30- Chronic mastitis

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