Homoeopathic remedies can be important adjunct or even curative intervention in the treatment of a snake bite victim. This should be attempted only getting while getting as quickly as possible to the nearest emergency medical facility. Following are some medicines to consider for snake bites.

GOLONDRINA Q- A specific remedy for antidoting snake poison. Its use also renders the body immune to the influence of the snake venom , and thus as a prophylactic. Mother tincture is applied externally

LEUCAS ASPERA Q- Another specific remdy for snake bite. In case of snake bites mother tincture is to be applied both externally and internally. 10-15 drops per dose , every 15-20 minutes interval , until the patient feels better.

CEDRON Q-Cedron is one of the top medicines which have the power of antidoting snake bites. It is given both externally and internally.

ACONITUM NAPELLUS 30-Aconitum is an effective remedy in the initial stages. Aconite is prescribed when the person has great fear of death , with anxiety or panic and restlessness

ARSENICUM ALBUM 30-Arsenic is another remedy for snake bite with anxious , and restlessness. They are chilly people who have fear of death and desire company. They may have burning pain that is relieved by heat.

CARBO VEGETABILIS 30-Carbo veg is effective for bite reactions that have progressed in to shock, coldness , blue discolourations, weak pulse, clammy sweat, and collapse.

ECHINACEA Q-Echinacea is prescribed when dullness, exhaustion and marked drowsiness present. Here the wound may be infected , septic looking and painful.

HYPERICUM PERFORATUM 30-Hypericum is indicated when neuralgic , shooting pain around wounds of nerve rich areas , such as fingers and toes.

LACHESIS 200-Lachesis is another effective remedy and it is indicated for individuals who has prostration, restlessness, painful bruising and possibly bleeding. Another leading symptom is that the person cannot bear anything tight around them, like tight necklines or waistbands. The person may be very talkative.

LEDUM PAL 30- Ledum pal is useful for puncture wounds , especially when the wound feels cold and is relieved  from cold applications. The person may have muscle twitches or spasms near the area of bite.