Presence of pus cells in urine is a definite indication of some type of infection. Pus is a whitish or yellowish or slightly green substance which is thick like glue. Pus in urine signifies that the body is fighting an infection in the lower or upper urinary tract.  Pus contains dead skin cells, bacteria and white blood cells. The medical term for the pus in urine condition is known as Pyuria and it is a common symptom for various medical conditions. The most common reason for Pyuria is the existence of urinary tract infection.  Women are more prone to urinary tract infections. The condition can be quite severe if it affects a man.  The urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria entering the urinary tract. The tract consists of the kidneys, urinary bladder, ureters and urethra. The infection can occur at any part of the tract and commonly infections occur in the lower portions such as the urethra and urinary bladder.
Causes-The two most common causes for the presence of pus cells in urine are
·        Urinary tract infection or UTI
·        Sexually transmitted diseasesSome of the other causes for pus seen in urine are
  • Viral infections
  • Anaerobic bacterial infection
  • Fungal infections
  • Chemical poisoning
  • Kidney stones
  • Fastidious bacteria
  • Tuberculosis of the urinary tract
  • Infection in prostate glands in men
  • Cancer of the urinary organs or genital organs
  • Sometimes pus cells in urine also result from old age and pregnancy. Certain medications also cause the condition of pus in urine.

Symptoms-- Sometimes there won’t be any symptoms of urinary tract infection or the presence of pus in the urine. When the symptoms occur they are as follows
·        Foul smelling urine
·        Cloudy urine
·        Fever
·        Frequent urination
·        Pain or discomfort while urinating
·        Vomiting
·        Abdominal cramps
If the pus in urine is caused by UTI the pain may be felt deep inside the bladder or at the tip of the urethra through which the pus cells exits the body.  If the pus is formed by STD’s, there will be fever, weakness and there will be an overall feeling of being ill.
CANTHARIS VESICATORIA 30-Cantharis Vesicatoria is one of the top Homeopathic medicines for pus cells in urine. Burning during urination is a sure sign that Cantharis Vesicatoria is the ideal choice among Homeopathic medicines for pus cells in urine. The burning may continue after urination. In some cases, burning in urethra before urination may also be felt. This is attended with a constant desire to urinate. Tenesmus of bladder is marked.  Urine passing drop by drop is also a sure indication of  Cantharis Vesicatoria .

APIS MELLIFICA 30-Apis mellifica is prescribed when  burning, scalding sensation in urethra while passing the last drops of urine is present.  Urine flow is slow. Stinging pain in urethra while passing urine is another key symptom guiding use of Apis Mellifica . Urgency to pass urine is also marked.

BAROSMA CRENATA Q- Barosma crenata has marked action on genito urinary system. Urine contains more pus. Irritable bladder, with vesical catarrh.

BERBERIS VULGARIS Q-Berberis Vulgaris is prescribed when  burning in urethra  is present even when not urinating. Along with this, pain in kidney region and thighs may also be present. Constant urge to urinate, with scanty urine, is another indication that Homeopathic medicine . There is the sensation of some urine remaining in the bladder after urinating. Cramping or aching pain in the bladder while urinating is another symptom showing Berberis Vulgaris .

EQUISETUM Q—Equisetum is a near specific for UTI. There is frequent and intolerable urge to urinate.Dull pain in the bladder is constantly present.There is a shrap cutting burning sensation in the urethra when urinating.Much pus and albumin in urine.

COPAIVA OFF Q- Copaiva is an effective remedy for pus in urine. Urine has a bad smell. Discharge of a greenish , turbid colour with a pungent odour. Painful urination, urine passes by drop by drop.

CHIMAPHILA  UMBELLATA Q-In Chimaphila umbellate urine is turbid , offensive , containing ropy or bloody mucus and depositing a copious sediment. Burning and scalding during urination and straining afterwards .

SARASAPARILLA 30-Sarasaparilla is indicated when  the person experiences severe pain at the conclusion of urination.  Pain in urethra may extend to abdomen. Painful distension and tenderness in bladder may also be present. Urine stream is also feeble and thin. Sarsaparilla Officinalis is also the most suitable among Homeopathic medicines for pus cells in urine among children. The child screams from pain before and while passing urine in such cases.

CLEMATIS ERECTA 30--Clemetis Erecta is very effective for UTI in patients who have suffered from Sexual transmitted disesaes . It is indicated when the symptoms are – Frequent scanty urine with burning at the orifice of urethra. The patient has an unusual desire to pass urine , urine is passed drop by drop , dribbling of urine even after passing of urine.Urine is mixed with pus.

MERC COR. 30--Merc Cor is an  effective remedy  for pus in urine due to UTI.  This medicine can be thought of in cases where the patient  is unable to pass urine or has to put in a lot of effort  for the same. The urine is very little and most often the patient passes dark flesh like pieces of mucus in the urine. The urine is very hot and passes drop by drop and with great pain. Another feature of a Merc cor patient is that he/she experiences a lot  of sweating  immediately after passing urine. This usually happens because the patient has to strain a lot to pass urine.    This medicine can also be expected to give good results in recurrent UTIs in advanced stages of pregnancy.

SOLIDAGO VIRGA Q-Solidago is another effective drug for pus in urine.  Albumin , blood and pus in  urine. Pain in kidney extend to abdomen and bladder.

NITRIC ACID 30-Nitric Acid is an excellent remedy   for pus cells in urine where the urine passed is very offensive. The urine is also scanty and dark in colour. It may also be turbid or cloudy in some cases. Burning and stinging sensation on passing urine may be present.

PAREIRA BRAVA 3-Pareira brava is very effective for UTI. The leading symptoms are—constant urging to urinate , great straining . Pain down thighs during efforts to urinate. Urine is black, bloody with thick pus. Urine is passed with great difficulty. In worst cases urine is passed only by going on hand and knees position.

UVA URSI 3X-Uva Ursi is another remedy   for pus cells where blood is passed along with pus cells in urine. Urine may also contain tenacious mucus. There is frequent urging for urination. Irritation in the bladder is observed. Cutting pain in the urethra may also be present along with the above features.

COLI BACILLINUM 30-- Coli Bacillinum is a near specific medicine for treating e-coli infection. It helps in treating the recurrence of E coli Infection. There is pain and burning while urination.

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