Heart palpitations are the feelings of having rapid, fluttering or pounding heart. Heart palpitations can be triggered by stress, exercise, medication or, rarely, a medical condition.
Although heart palpitations can be worrisome, they're usually harmless. In rare cases, heart palpitations can be a symptom of a more serious heart condition, such as an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia), that may require treatment.
Causes- Often the cause of your heart palpitations can't be found. Common causes of heart palpitations include:
·         Strong emotional responses, such as stress or anxiety
·         Strenuous exercise
·         Caffeine
·         Nicotine
·         Fever
·         Hormone changes associated with menstruation, pregnancy or menopause
·         Taking cold and cough medications that contain pseudoephedrine, a stimulant
·         Taking some asthma inhaler medications that contain stimulants
Occasionally heart palpitations can be a sign of a serious problem, such as an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) or an abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia). Arrhythmias may include very fast heart rates (tachycardia), unusually slow heart rates (bradycardia) or an irregular heart rhythm.
Symptoms-- Heart palpitations can feel like your heart is:
·         Skipping beats
·         Fluttering
·         Beating too fast
·         Pumping harder than usual
You may feel heart palpitations in your throat or neck, as well as your chest. Heart palpitations can occur whether you're active or at rest, and whether you're standing, seated or lying down.
Risk factors--You may be at risk of developing palpitations if you:
·         Are highly stressed
·         Have an anxiety disorder or regularly experience panic attacks
·         Are pregnant
·         Take medicines that contain stimulants, such as some cold or asthma medications
·         Have an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism)
·         Have other heart problems, such as an arrhythmia, heart defect or previous heart attack

ACONITUM NAPELLS 30- Aconite is the ideal Homeopathic remedy for Palpitations due to sudden fright and anxiety. Along with palpitations, restlessness, anxiety and increased thirst for cold water may also be present.

ABIES CANADENSIS 30- Abies Can is the best remedy for palpitations from gastric problems. It suited when overeating is followed by a bloated abdomen with a burning stomach and Palpitations.

AMYELOSUM NITROSUM 30-Amyelosum nitricum is effective for palpitations during menopause. In Amylenum Nitrosum, the symptoms are palpitations getting worse from even a little excitement. Constricted feeling in the heart region is an accompanying symptom. Hot flushes and extreme anxiety are the other symptoms.

ARSENIC ALBUM  30-- Arsenic Album is another  top natural Homeopathic medicines for treating palpitations with anxiety. There  is palpitations with extreme anxiety. There is a marked restlessness and fear of death. There is an increased thirst for water and a desire for open air

AURUM MET. 30-Aurum Met is the best Homeopathic medicine for  violent Palpitations with irregular heart action. The patients needing Aurum Met feel that the heart has stopped suddenly for a few seconds varying from 2 to 3 seconds and then suddenly starts beating again. The pulse seems irregular, with high blood pressure.

BELLADONNA 30-Belladonna is prescribed when palpitation occurs after least exertion with headache and a  flushed face

CARBO VEG 30-Carbo  veg is prescribed when palpitation occurs on account of acidity and excessive flatulence in stomach.

COFFEA 30-Coffea is the top  Homeopathic medicine for Palpitations brought on by a sudden joyful moment. It also covers palpitations as a result of sudden pleasant surprises.

CONVALLARIA MAJ. 30- Convallaria is the best  Homeopathic remedy for palpitation due to tobacco abuse.  The patient  complains as if the heart is beating in the whole chest. The palpitations get worse by even slight exertion. The pulse is also very rapid.

CRATAEGUS OXY. Q—Crataegus is a good heart tonic and can be given in all type of heart ailments. It is an excellent antiarrythmic, sedative in irritable patients with cardiac symptoms. Heart weakness with oppression , stitches and insomnia. Extreme dyspnoea on least excertion. Heart  dilated , first sound weak.

DIGITALIS PURPUREA 30-Digitalis is the most effective Homeopathic remedy when the slightest movement causes palpitations. The patient usually feels that the heart will stop its action if he or she moves and it is better at rest. Digitalis is the ideal Homeopathic remedy when cardiac rate is lowered and palpitations are mostly excited from the slightest motion. Digitalis is the best natural Homeopathic medicine to deal with Palpitations with skipped beats. The pulse is irregular and it intermits mainly at every 3rd, 5th and 7th beat. Mitral Disease may be the underlying pathology with irregular heart action in the patient needing Digitalis.

GLONOINE 30- Glonoine is a very effective remedy for palpitations during menopause. It is prescribed when palpitations lead to difficulty in breathing and get worse from exertion. Palpitations can be felt throughout the body.

FERRUM MET 30- Ferrum Met is the best medicine  for  palpitations due to anemia which get worse with movement. The face looks quite pale. Usually the pulse feels very soft and weak.

IBERIS 30- Iberis  is the best remedy  when the slightest exertion gives rise to palpitations. Along with palpitations, a person may also experience vertigo.

IODUM 30- Iodum is the  best remedy  for palpitations in hyperthyroid patients where the palpitations get worse with the slightest of exertion. The chest feels constricted and compressed.

IGNATIA 30--Ignatia is an effective  Homeopathic remedy for palpitations  resulting from grief. Ignatia brings about excellent results in such cases.Hysterical palpitations.

KALMIA 30-  Kalmia is another effective remedy for palpitation from tobacco abuse.   Palpitations are present with a slow pulse. The Palpitations get worse from stooping in a forward position.  Kalmia is  the best  Homeopathic medicine for palpitations with a decreased heart rate. The heart rate for using Kalmia may be as low as 35-40/minute with Palpitations. The patient feels a flutter in the chest and anxiety.

LACHESIS 200- Lachesis is the best natural Homeopathic medicine when episodes of fainting occur along with Palpitations during menopause. The women needing Lachesis have an aversion to wear any tight clothing.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM  200- Lycopodium is the ideal Homeopathic remedy when excessive gas fills the abdomen  resulting in palpitations. The gas is not passed easily and remains obstructed with palpitations.

LILIUM TIG. 30-Lilium Tig is a very efficient  Homeopathic medicine for palpitations with an increased heart rate. The heart beat may even rise to 150/minute and above for using Lilium Tig. The patient feels violent pulsations throughout the body. Fluttering in heart region may be accompanied by chest pain on left side and weight in chest.

MOSCHUS 30-Palpitations due to nervous excitement or nervous palpitations. There may not be any organic disease of the heart.

NATRUM MUR 30-Natrum Mur is the top effective Homeopathic remedy when along with palpitations due to anemia, there is a constricted sensation in the chest. The pulse rate remains high and is often found to be intermittent. A craving for salt may be found in persons needing Natrum Mur.

NUX VOMICA 30-For Palpitations due to intake of coffee, Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica is the top remedy.Nux vomica is also effective for palpitations resulting after eating , indigestion and from flatulence. Palpitations due to overuse of allopathic medicines.

OPIUM 30- Opium is the best Homeopathic medicine when palpitations are caused due to fright related to some past, long ago, unusual occurrence. It is also used for palpitations due to overuse of allopathic medicines.

OXALIC ACIDUM 30- Palpitations with dyspnoea in organic heart diseases. Worse when thinking of it

SPIGELIA 30- Palpitations excited by the least of movement along with this  there is pain in heart region with arm pain.

SPONGIA 30- Spongia  is the best Homeopathic medicine when a hyperthyroid patient complains of Palpitations on lying down. Walking brings relief to the patient.

SUMBUL 30-Sumbul is the best   Homeopathic medicine for palpitation resulting from intake of beer.  Pain in left side of chest and left arm may also be present along with palpitation

STAPHYSAGRIA 30-Staphysagria is the top remedy for palpitation due  from  anger. This Homeopathic remedy is very beneficial for acute outbursts of anger leading to Palpitations.

TABACUM 30-Tabacum is  also used for palpitations  from tobacco abuse. Tabacum have a very weak pulse often, which is imperceptible. Pulse may also show intermittency.

TERMINALIA ARJUNA Q- Terminalia arjuna is effective for palpitations in heart disease , may be due to any heart disorder, dyspnoea, nervousness .

THEA CINENSIS 30-- Thea Cinensis is an excellent  Homoeopathic  medicine that can help to relieve palpitations because of excessive consumption of tea. Along with palpitations, the person also feels chest oppression.

VISCUM ALBUM 30-Viscum album is prescribed when palpitations occurs during coition.