Furuncle is another word for a boil. Boils are bacterial or fungal infections of hair follicles. The infected hair follicle can be on any part of your body, not only your scalp. When the hair follicle becomes infected, the skin around it becomes inflamed. The furuncle looks like a red, raised bump on your skin and will rupture and weep fluid.
Furuncles are most commonly found on the face and neck. You might also develop a boil on your thigh or buttocks.
Cause --Most furuncle  are caused by Staphylococcus aureus, a type of bacteria commonly found on the skin and inside the nose. Boils sometimes develop at sites where the skin has been broken by a small injury or an insect bite, which gives the bacteria easy entry.
Symptoms-A furuncle may begin as a benign-looking bump on your skin, similar to a pimple. However, as the infection worsens, the boil can become hard and painful. Bacteria and dead skin cells may build up under the skin, forming pus. Pressure builds, which may cause the furuncle to burst and release its fluids.
The pain is usually at its worst right before a furuncle ruptures and will most likely improve after it drains.
Furuncles range in size from as small as a pea to as big as a golf ball. The skin around the infected hair follicle may become red, swollen, and tender. Scarring is also possible.
The development of several boils in the same general area of your body is called a carbuncle. Carbuncles may cause a fever and chills. These symptoms are less common with a single boil
ARNICA MONTANA 30-Arnica is an excellent remedy for Furuncles. There is a tendency to small furuncles which are painful , one boil is cured , when the other comes out. Here the occurrence of boils in crops. The skin is black and blue in colour. Also there is itching , burning , and eruption of small pimples.

BELLADONNA 30-Belladona is one of the top remedies for furuncle. This medicine should be used in the beginning. There is redness with throbbing and pain. The skin is dry , hot , swollen and sensitive.

ARSENIC ALBUM 30—Arsenic is an excellent remedy for furuncles, malignant pustules, gangrenous inflammation. There is itching, burning and swelling. Ulcers with offensive discharge. The peculiar symptom for Arsenic is burning as if coals of fire put on affected part. There is cutting and burning pain which is worse at night.

APIS MEL. 30- Apis mel. is another useful remedy for furuncles. There is burning , stinging pain. The skin is sore and sensitive.

HERPAR SULPH 30-Hepar sulph is another useful remedy for furuncles and abscess. Boils with marked suppuration. The skin is unhealthy, slightest injury suppurate. There is burning and stinging pain. There is extreme pain and tenderness in early stages of pus formation. This  remedy will stop pus formation or it will abort pus within a short period.

SILICEA 30-Silicea is another effective remedy when there is slow healing power.Felons, boils, ulcers, and abscesses. The pus is offensive , long acting suppuration. It will promotes expulsion of the foreign body from the tissue

THUJA OCC 200-There is crops of boils on face , neck and nose.

MERC IOD 30—Merc iod is an excellent remedy for inflammatory stage of furuncles , when there is no pus formation. There is intense shinning redness with throbbing and pain. When pus is formed it is green , thin and water.

CALCAREA CARB . 30-Calcare carb is used when there  is no redness but paleness is there. The furuncles are extremely painful.

LACHESIS 200-Lachesis is another excellent remedy for furucles. Furuncles are bluish in colour. There is exudation of acrid and offensive pus. Boils are very sensitive to touch with burning pain.

CARBOLIC ACID 30-Furuncles with accumulation of pus ad discharge of very foul odor. There is marked burning pain.

TARENTULA HIS 30-Tarentula is used boils at any stage. Hard , tender, inflamed hair follicles.
LEDUM PAL 30- In Ledum pal furuncles are caused by needles pricks

CALCAREA PICR. 30-Calcarea picr. Is a very effective remedy for chronic and recurring furuncles

BELLIS PER. 30- Bellis is effective when furuncles all over the body with soreness, pain and marked swelling.

ECHINACEA Q- Echinacea is considered a specific remedy for this condition. Recurring furuncles. 

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