Diarrhea describes loose, watery stools that occur more frequently than usual. You may also experience abdominal cramps and a greater volume of stool. Diarrhea varies in specific symptoms, severity and duration.
Acute diarrhea usually lasts for a few days and is typically caused by a bacterial, viral or parasitic infection of some sort
Causes-Acute diarrhea causes may include:-Antacids containing magnesium, antibiotics,Blood pressure medications, Campylobacter infection, Cancer medications, Clostridium perfringens infection, E. coli,Entamoeba histolytica infection,Food intolerances,Fructose intolerance, Lactose intolerance, Salmonella infection, Shigella infection, Stomach surgery, Traveler’s diarrhea


VERATRUM ALBUM 30-Veratrum Album is very useful when there is frequent and violent diarrhoea which is very profuse and painful. It is also indicated in cases in which signs of dehydration have started to appear and the patient seems to be in a collapsed state.

ARSENICUM ALBUM 30-Arsenic Album is a leading remedy for diarrhoea caused by food poisoning. It suits in the cases where diarrhoea is worse after eating or drinking.Diarrhea with unquenchable thirst

PODOPHYLLUM 30-Podophyllum is indicated when sudden urgency for passing stool is a marked symptom also when profuse, offensive-smelling stools are preceded by great rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen. It is very useful for acute diarrhoeas in infants and small children.Worse during teething and in the morning, while bathing or washing and in hot weather. Camp diarrhea. Diarrhea alternating with constipation. Prolapse of rectum before or with stools

ALOES 30-Aloes is another effective remedy for diarrhea. There is a sense of insecurity in rectum. Uncertain whether gas or stool will come. The stool flows like water from a hydrant. Another feature is cutting and cramping abdominal pain around the navel. Diarrhea is worse by eating and drinking .

ARGENTUM NITRICUM 30-Argentum nitricum is very effective when diarrhea is due to emotions like sudden good or bad news , sorrow or anger.Diarrhea from taking sugar or candy.

CALCAREA PHOS 30-Calcarea phos is very effective for diarrhea of children. Diarrhea from taking juicy foods. Diarrhea in children during dentition. The nature of stool is slimy , hot , sputtering , undigested with fetid flatus.

CHAMOMILLA 30- Chamomilla is also effective for diarrhea of children during the dentition time. The child is cross, irritable, refuses food, drink and toys. Child wants to carry all the time. The stool is sour smelling, green, watery, corroding like chopped eggs.

CHAPARRO AMARGOSO 30- It is considered to be a specific remedy for diarrhea. When well selected remedies fail try this medicine.

CROTON TIG 30-Croton tig is an excellent remedy for diarrhea. There is gurgling sound in the intestine. Stool is watery, yellow, with much urging. Stool expelled suddenly like a shot. There is constant urging to stool followed by sudden evacuation. Dirrhea with nausea and vomiting.Diarrhea is worse by food or drink. Every movement causes diarrhea.

CYNADON DACT. Q- Cynadon dact. is considered a specific remedy for diarrhea.There is diarrhoea with offensive stool and feels insecurity in rectum.

BRYONIA ALB 30—Bryonia is useful for diarrhoea of hot weather after cold drinks. Lumps of tough mucus after stools. Yellow mushy stools.

ELATERIUM 30- Elaterium is an excellent remedy for diarrhoea of infants. The stool is olive green in colour, profuse and gushing.

GELSEMIUM 30- Gelsemium is suitable for diarrhoea of nervous persons. Painless diarrhea after sudden emotions as grief, fright, bad news, anticipation of an unusual ordeal.

MAGNESIA CAB. 30-  Magnesia carb. Is effective diarrhoea of nursing children. Stool is preceded by gripping colicky pain. Sour smelling diarrhoea is the main character. The stool is green and frothy like scum of frog pond.

NITRIC ACID 30- Nitric acid is an effective remedy for diarrhoea from the use of antibiotics.

NUX VOMICA 30- Nux vomica is for diarrhoea from indiscreet dieting and over eating. Diarrhoea in infants from artificial food disagreeing. There is vomiting and purging without actual inflammation.

PHOSPHORIC ACID 30-Phosphoric acid is very effective for painless diarrhoea without weakness.It is useful for diarrhoea of rachitic children. Here the stool is watery, white, involuntary and painless. Another peculiar feature is profuse and long standing diarrhoea does not cause weakness. Anus open, stool runs away without patient knowing.

PODOPHYLLUM 30-Podophyllum is one of the top medicines for camp diarrhea due to dirty impure water.The stool is green, watery, profuse and gushing. Another peculiar nature is prolapse of rectum before or with diarrhea. Another character is diarrhoea alternating with head symptoms. Diarrhoea is worse in early morning, during teething, while bathing or washing and in hot weather.

PULSATILLA NIGRICANS 30- In Pulsatilla diarrhoea is due to food poisoning , after fright, fatty foods and fruits. It is also useful for diarrhoea of opium eaters. The peculiar nature is here no two  stools are alike. Stools are greenish yellow and changeable contain undigested food particles. 2 or 3 normal stools a day. It is also useful for diarrhoea after measles .

RHEUM OFF. 30- The sour nature is the main symptom of Rheum. There is frequent sour stools with colic and urging. Sourness of the whole body helps the selection of Rheum.

PYROGENIUM 200—In Pyrogenium the diarrhoea is horribly offensive , brown black. Diarrhoea is painless and involuntary. The stool is large or like black balls.

SULPHUR 200-Sulphur is useful for morning diarrhoea. Urgent , patient rushes from the bed to the latrine. Painless diarrhoea.

AETHUSA CYN. 30- Aethusa is useful for diarrhoea during the dentition period. Undigested , thin greenish stools preceded by colic with tenesmus followed by exhaustion and drowsiness.

CHINA OFF 30- Painless diarrhoea. Stools are frothy , yellow and contain undigested food particles. Great weakness. Much flatulence. Worse at night, after meals, during hot weather, from fruits, milk and beer.

GAMBOGIA 30- Gambogia is useful for diarrhoea of old people. Diarrhoea with sudden and forcible ejection of bilious stools. Thin stools coming out in prolonged gushes with burning in anus.

GRATIOLA 30—Gratiola is useful for summer diarrhoea. The stool is green, watery, frothy followed by anal burning . Stool forcibly evacuated without pain. Diarrhoea from excessive drinking of water

JATROPHA CUR.30--In Jatropha the stool is profuse, gushing and watery.Diarrhoea with nausea and vomiting. Much wind and flatulence in the abdomen.Great prostration with coldness of the body and cramps in calves.

NATRUM SULPH 30- Early morning diarrhoea. Stools involuntary when passing flatus .Great size of the faecal mass.

PSORINUM 200-Offensive diarrhoea , smelling like rotten eggs. Eructation’s tasting like rotten eggs.  

IPECAC 30- Mucous diarrhoea. Green or greenish yellow mucous like frothy molasses. Griping pain at naval.

DULCAMARA 30- Specific for hill diarrhoea. Stool green, watery, slimy, bloody and contain mucus. Worse in damp cold weather.

THUJA OCC. 200- Morning diarrhoea , worse after breakfast . rumbling in abdomen as if pouring of water from an air tight vessel.

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