The third stage of labor refers to the period following the completed delivery of the newborn until the completed delivery of the placenta. Relatively little thought or teaching seems to be devoted to the third stage of labor compared with that given to the first and second stages. The third stage is otherwise known as placental delivery is very important and should be carefully watched. This extends from the complete expulsion of the fetus to the complete expulsion of placenta and membranes, and firm contraction and retraction of the uterus subsequently. The average duration of this stage, when spontaneously completed may extent from a few minutes to fifteen minutes.
The  phenomena of the third stage of labour are- characteristic uterine contractions, separation of placenta, expulsion of placenta, control of haemorrhage, permanent contraction and retraction of uterus .
The objective of management is mainly control postpartum haemorrhage and complete expulsion of placenta.
ARSENIC ALBUM 30– Arsenic album is one of the top remedies for for the last stage of labour when the placenta remains adherent to uterus. Labour is weak and the uterus is flabby , therefore there is profuse bleeding after labour. Discharge is profuse and acrid. Cutting pain in lower part of abdomen running upwards. Patient is prostrated and there is sinking of the vital state. Great burning pain with nervous prostration. Mentally the patient express fear, anxiety and restlessness.She has fear of death.
ARNICA MONTANA 30- Arnica is the top remedy for excessive bleeding in the third stage of labour. It soothes the muscles of vagina , gives a great sense of relief and comfort after delivery. Arnica will absorb the blood  and induce maximum recovery of the damaged nerve tissue
BELLIS PERENNIS 30 – Bellis perennis is another top remedy to reduce bleeding in third stage of labour. There is sore and aching pain after childbirth. The uterus  feels sore as if squeezed.
PULSATILLA NIG 30-.- Pulsatilla is an excellent remedy for bleeding from retained placenta. Here the uterine contractions are very weak
CANTHARIS 30- Cantharis is another useful remedy for retention of placenta  with painful urination
CACUSTICUM 30- Causticum is used for retention of urine after  delivery
VISCUM ALB 30 – It is also used for retention of placenta.
BELLADONNA30 –Belladonna is another remedy for retention of placenta  with profuse hot blood. Here the lochia is hot and scanty
SABINA 30 – Sabina is one of the top remedies for retention of placenta from the atonic conditions of uterus.
CAULOPHYLLUM 30 –Caulophylum is another top remedy in labour. Haemorrhage after hasty labour due to lack of tonicity. In Caulophyllum the lochia is protracted. Great atony and passive oozing for days  from relaxed vessels
CHINA 30– Excessive bleeding in third stage. Great weakness with blood loss
KREOSOTUM 30-  In case of Kreosotum the lochia is dark brown , lumpy , offensive and acrid. The special feature is that it almost ceases then refreshes up again.
PYROGEN30- In Pyrogen the lochia is thin, acrid, brown and very fetid. Lochia suppressed followed by chills. There is fever and profuse perspiration.
SECALE COR-30 Retention of placenta. There is no expulsive action, though everything is relaxed. Dark offensive green lochia.Severe after pains.

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