Spermatorrhea is a health condition characterized by involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleeping hours at night. As per research, it is found to be as an underlying cause of reproductive diseases. Persisting condition of spermatorrhea can induce many serious impacts on patient's body. According to the severity of condition, risk factors of spermatorrhea vary from one person to another. Some among the after effects of spermatorrhea include poor eyesight, dizziness, high heart beat rate, fatigue and poor memory focus. Treatments are usually prescribed by analyzing the root cause of problem.
AGNUS CASTUS 30-Seminal emissions without erections. Scanty emissions without ejaculation and on straining in persons who have been masturbating frequently . Suitable to old people who are physically impotent
ANACARDIUM ORI. 30- Seminal  emissions without dreams. Desire is increased  and there is much itching of the penis. Prostatic fluid escapes during stool.
ARGENTUM MET 30-Seminal emissions without any excitement , with polyuria
CALADIUM SEG. 30-Emissions occur with or without dreams, in old age . No emission and orgasm in coitus for a long time
CACAREA CARB 30-Emissions with burning pain. Sweating and weakness after coitus. Emissions delayed. Pertains to both sexes
CARBO VEG- 30- Emissions too soon and then headache
CAUSTICUM 30- Seminal emissions mixed with blood
CONIUM MAC 30-Emissions  on thinking of a sexual act  or at the sight of an attractive woman . Emissions due to suppression of sexual desire.Just an embrace is sufficient to discharge semen.
DAMIANA Q- Absence os sperms in semen and chronic prostatic discharge
DIGITALIS PUR 30- Emission with palpitation of the heart. Emissions without feeling
DIOSCOREA 12- It is an excellent remedy for emissions in weak persons . 2 or 3 emissions occur very night and on the following morning the patient feels very weak, particularly about the knees
ERYNGIUM AQUA 2X- A remedy of first importance in spermatorrhea when it is without erections. Discharge of a prostatic fluid  from the slightest cause.
GELSEMIUM 30- Nocturnal emissions even without dreams and slight or no excitement
KALI BROM 30- Emissions too frequent and without sexual intercourse . Depression after each emission.
LUPULINUM 1X- It is a very good remedy for seminal emissions. Headache following a nights debauch and seminal emissions
LYCOPODIUM 200- Emissions in impotent people , too early if able to penetrate somehow
MEDORRHINUM 1M- Emissions at night, followed by great weakness which may lead to impotence
NATRUM MUR 200- Emissions even after ejaculation during coitus or retarded emissions which may not occur, at all
NUPHAR LUT. Q- Complete absence of sexual desire. Parts relaxed. Penis retracted. After spermatorrhea pain in the penis and testicles
NUX VOMICA 30- Frequent emissions. Bad effects of masturbation . Headache and impaired digestion
ONOSMODIUM 30- Deficient erections and speedy emissions
PHOSPHORIC ACID Q—Emissions at night and at stool.Sexual power deficient. Parts relaxed during an embrace
SELENIUM MET 30- A very good remedy for seminal emissions . Emissions are too soon with long lasting thrill.  Vertigo on rising in the morning . Dribbling of semen and prostate fluid , during sleep.
STANUM MET 30- Emissions with excessive prostration. Orgasm is easily produced , even by scratching the arm
STAPHYSAGRIA 30- Bad effects of masturbation. Great emaciation with blue rings around the eyes. The  boy is shy and gloomy. It is very useful for removing weakness caused due to excessive spermatorrhea
TRIBULUS TER. Q- Debilitated states of sexual organs . Ready emissions and weak semen.
THUJA OCC. Q- Nocturnal emissions are controlled by taking a dose consisting of 6- 7 drops in water at bed time

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