Bell's palsy causes sudden weakness in your facial muscles. This makes half of your face appear to droop. Your smile is one-sided, and your eye on that side resists closing.
Bell's palsy, also known as facial palsy, can occur at any age. The exact cause is unknown, but it's believed to be the result of swelling and inflammation of the nerve that controls the muscles on one side of your face. It may be a reaction that occurs after a viral infection

Symptoms--Signs and symptoms of Bell's palsy come on suddenly and may include:
·        Rapid onset of mild weakness to total paralysis on one side of your face — occurring within hours to days
·         Facial droop and difficulty making facial expressions, such as closing your eye or smiling
·         Drooling
·         Pain around the jaw or in or behind your ear on the affected side
·         Increased sensitivity to sound on the affected side
·         Headache
·         A decrease in your ability to taste
·         Changes in the amount of tears and saliva you produce
In rare cases, Bell's palsy can affect the nerves on both sides of your face.

ACONITUM NAPELLS 200-  Aconite is used in acute conditions in the very beginning when facial paralysis follows from a sudden cold air exposure.Numbness and tingling in face on the affected side. The affected face feels cold

CAUSTICUM 200-CM- Causticum, one of the top  remedy for longstanding chronic cases of facial paralysis where the person has a history of cold air exposure or getting wet complications prior to the paralytic symptoms . It is also effective for Bell’s palsy due to suppression of eruptions. Right side is mostly affected.

HYPERICUM PER. 200—It is an effective Bell’s Palsy due to injury to nerve.It can be of great help in complete recovery of the patient with facial paralysis following injury. Tingling, numbness or burning sensation on the affected side of the face may be experienced in addition to other symptoms of Bell’s Palsy.

IGNATIA 200-Ignatia is an effective remedy for Bell’s Palsy due to grief.  The person needing Ignatia has symptoms of Bell’s Palsy and may also complain of frequent biting inside of cheeks while talking or swallowing. He or she may also have the mouth filled with excess of saliva. Other symptoms of grief like weeping, brooding and sadness are also present.

CADMIUM SULPH 200- Cadmium Sulph is one of the effective  medicines for treating facial paralysis arising out of Apoplexy. The patient needing Cadmium Sulph will have a distorted face. The swallowing of food is also difficult for such persons. He or she also has difficulty in speaking properly. And there is also an inability to close the eye on the affected side.

BACILLINUM 200—It is one of the top remedies for Bell’s Palsy resulting from the suppression of skin eruptions. Suppressed skin eruptions followed by paralysis of face Bacillinum is effective.

GELSEMIUM 200-CM— Gelsemium is another effective remedy for this condition.Facial muscles contracted , especially around the mouth. Lower jaw dropped.There is neuralgia of face

OPIUM  200—CM-Opium is also found to be effective for Bell’s Palsy.There may be  spasmodic facial twitching, especially corners of the mouth.Also hanging down of lower jaw and  distorted facial muscles are seen

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